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  • Hetalia Funnies!!
    352K 24.6K 205

    This is just a book full of Hetalia texts, memes, jokes, puns and more!! I was inspided by the cover of this book to make this xD I would suggest you guys watch it too!!! HIGHEST RANK: #55 in Humour (1st April 2017) #124 in Random (4th April 2017)

  • The Creepypasta Dares, Scares and questions show season 2 (closed)
    9.6K 496 87

    We're Back! With all new dares scares and questions with the same characters you love! And new little guests to company us! You ready? .....Set? .....DARE!

  • The CreepyPasta Dares, Scares and Questions show! : Season 3! Little Pasta Adventures!
    5K 324 47

    ITS THAT TIME AGAIN!!! DARE TIME! Only this time! We got little feet running around! Meet the newest addition to the family!

  • Fanfics in a Nutshell
    102K 4.1K 21

    Many ordinary things you see in fanfics that sometimes make no absolute sense :D That I should point it out in a book. *This is not meant to offend anyone*

  • The creepypasta, Dares, Scares, and questions show!(closed)
    5.7K 364 48

    All the creepypasta's are here so you can ask them all the questions you want! Also you can ask me stuff! We also do dares! Jeff: no we don't! Jeff shad up and yes we do! So start asking and start daring! (Picture by me!)

  • Tha Dai Fluttershai Gat Hai
    484 35 16

    *WARNING* this book is not 4 fucking kids so if you fucking read dis and your like fuckin...1 yers old then go dafuq away okay? Bish i fuckin told you. DONT FUCKIN TAK TO MEH LIKE DAT BISH. *another warning* ur probably gonna lose a lot of brain cells after reading this shit

  • A Note To The Wonderful You
    40 2 1

    I couldn't fit this on my wall so I decided to do this.