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  • Leap of Faith
    10.5K 269 20

    Every chapter at the moment says Coming soon. I am writing these chapters in Word so they will slowly be posted here one by one. If you have any questions, just ask. Thank you all for sticking with me while this story has been being written. STORY UNDER MAJOR EDITING AND IS BEING SLOWLY RE-WRITTEN AND RESTARTED. WILL...

  • Heartlines
    3.8K 131 34

    A story about a girl and a horse, broken without each other. After a bad horse back riding accident while jumping, Krista is left with an intense fear of jumping. Her equestrian career seems to be limited to the ground, and Krista seems okay with this. Until a certain horse comes along ... A crazy horse that won't let...

  • Flying Change
    10K 322 21

    Lexi is living the dream, a stable full of horses, a wonderful boyfriend and a burgeoning career, but will new characters with old grudges derail her chances of winning?

  • Equine Attraction
    425 14 1

    Brooklyn Tierney never grew up leading a normal life. Her entire life has always revolved around the world of equines. Her dad competed in the Olympics only to have his career come to a halt after a terrible riding accident. From the beginning Brooke was always in love with horses, whether it was riding them, taking c...

  • Falling in Love with a Jerk
    208 6 3

    Evelyn loves horses and is perfectly happy with her normal schedule of going to school and riding twice a day. Even though she would rather be at the barn than at school she has her best friend Emily so it's not so bad. But then the new boy, Benton, arrives at Evelyn's school and proceeds to annoy Evelyn to no end. He...

  • Endings (A Liam Payne/One Direction love story)
    91 2 2

    What happens to you if all you've ever know ends up tragic? Basically, thats all Lucy's life was. Her one true passion end up hospitalizing her for 3 months. Her best friend moved away and totally forgot about her. Her mom was the only person she actually thought of as a protector, died in a car crash. Her dad remarr...

  • The Unknown Truth
    521 16 11

    Seventeen year old Aurora (Rory) Edwards knows nothing about her new guardian or her new home. After discovering that she is going to have to move from her only home in Beverly Hills to a ranch in Colorado, Rory fears that this new life isn't going to be easy, but jumps at the chance anyways to explore her new life...

  • Something More
    7.8K 156 6

  • Riding Free
    321 6 2

    Clarissa Liamount. A young, sweet, fine haired girl with a passion for horses. Growing up on a horse farm with her parents Jenna and John Liamount, little Clary wakes up to bad news at the age of 2. Mother is distraught, Clary is depressed, and the farm? The farm has gone dark. Clary's strong will doesn't crumble for...

  • The Matchmaker Horses[On hold] [Kind of]
    829 16 7

    Victoria Paddington aka Tori is a sarcastic,funny,animal lover,straight As,decent-looking,smart(I think so),nature-loving,global warming protestor type of person. Oh,and love and her do not get along. At all. The only love she feels is for animals and family. That's it. And when she attends Mayford College, she signs...

  • It Must Be Love
    22K 577 50

    "Friends don't sleep in the same bed, friends don't shower at the same time, friends don't go on romantic dates-" Aubree cuts Caziel off, "First of all, I was drunk when I fell asleep on Niall's bed. Secondly, we didn't shower at the same time. I had to hide from my boyfriend who hated Niall, so I climbed in the show...

  • Dirt Roads and City Streets
    331 2 6

    Lauren lives so far out in the country that it takes her 45 minutes to get to school that means waking up at 4:30 am and going to bed at 7:00 pm. Her usual morning routine is feeding the chickens while stealing any eggs they laid during the night. Next she milks the cows, then feeding the horses all 18 of them. Not to...

  • You could call it luck.
    106 5 1

    Savannah couldn't believe it. THE Niall Horan wanted her and her best friend to go backstage to meet him and Harry after the concert. Savannah Fouts is just an ordinary country girl from Oklahoma. Horses and singing have been her life since 3 years old. And up until recently, so has One direction. Niall had always be...

  • Nothing's fine, I'm torn ( one direction fan fiction)
    138 1 1

    Hello, My name is Kelora. I am a 17 year old girl who loves ridding. I am always with the horses. But when I meet my favorite band ; One Direction at the barn, will things change? Will my horse life all change? I hope we can work things out. I don't wanna lose my barn time. *Don't worry, if this is almost like anothe...

  • A Directioner's Story
    1.2K 18 26

    Bestfriends Sierra and Megan are just small town Equestrian girls from Minnesota. Until they went to their first One Direction concert and Sierra catches Nialls eye. Will they're relationship work? Can Niall date a fan? Will Megan also find a 1D guy? Will the girls be able to handle the fame for the love of their live...