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  • Until Forever (Book 3 of Until Trilogy)
    66.6M 1.4M 55

    Elijah Montefalco never liked this particular girl cousin. Naramdaman niyang ayaw sa kanya ng pinsan niyang ito at hindi naman siya 'yong tipong ipagpipilitan ang kanyang sarili sa taong ayaw sa kanya. They were family so he needed to deal with her sometimes. Mabuti na nga lang at marami naman sila kaya hindi na napap...

  • The Incubus's Secretary
    842K 30.8K 43

    When Sanaya Johnson joined Reefwood Inc. as the CEO's personal secretary, little did she know that she'd be facing the biggest man whore in all history, Lancelin Eustis. She hates him and his whorish ways with all her heart, but the six feet five, sex on legs, brute of a man attracts attention wherever he goes, no gen...

  • Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother
    321K 13.1K 195

    Full Title: Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens! | She is a descendant of an Ancient Chinese Aristocratic family. Having just transmigrated into a young lady's body, accidentally provoking a man, and unexpectedly forced into a one night stand. Making a small fox born of an unmarried re...

  • Insanus ✔️ (Based on true story)
    771K 20.9K 23

    "If you think you are safe... think again." Book version available in National Bookstores and Powerbooks nationwide Mysterious things happened after Cristina had an accident. She often saw a scary woman who was defiled and had no face. At hindi lang siya ang nakakakita rito, at nakakaranas ng kakaibang pangyayari sa...

    142K 3K 32

    -Trent Gabriel De Santis- Edited/Revised version of the first book in the OBSESSION TRILOGY.

  • The Virgin Lies (Published under LIB)
    6.6M 144K 63

    Warning : R18 Sa panahon ngayon, rare nalang ang mga virgin sa edad na 18. Based on statistics, the average age to lose virginity is 16. Unfortunately, Maia Elara is one of those rare species at 20 and to have something to share to everyone, she surround her sex life with lies. Okay na sana ang lahat ang kaso lang...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lorenzo
    6.9M 201K 41

    THIS IS A WEREWOLF BOOK. Preview : "Kinky" he winked " I like it" A blush made its way to my cheek and I ducked my head to hide my face from him. I gasped when I felt a sudden bulge pressing into my thigh and Lorenzo used that opportunity to flip us over so that I was below him. "I like to be on top" he whispered ce...

    Completed   Mature
  • Younger (R-18)
    120K 3.1K 22

    Jehyla's brother has his closest friend since when they were kids. Clark is his name. And just like Jehyla's brother, Clark is an active kid too. He likes to smile and likes sports. But being a good boy is just a "Once upon a time" to him whenever Jehyla's around.

  • Running Away from The Alpha King
    393K 10.5K 58

    Highest rank so Far #3 (Werewolf) In the World of Werewolves, every Alpha has his mate, a White Wolf. Only a White Wolf can be an Alpha's Mate. Meet Christal, a wolf that has kept her secret, that she's a White wolf, ever since her childhood. She carried a mysterious and scornful past in her shoulders that no one wo...

  • Awakening The Demons(Imperial Gangsters Book 2:Completed)
    1.5M 45.6K 74

    [Imperial Gangsters Book 2] Five LOST Legendary Gangsters...sakanilang biglaang pagkawala,sa paglipas ng mga panahon what if they'll come back???....with different identity but still the same personality?are they able to know them? Will they able to find out whos the REAL ENEMY? Mga Sikreto kaya'y mabunyag na? Mga Mis...

  • His Bite (Book 1 of Bite Trilogy)
    15.7M 488K 82

    On her 18th birthday, Claret finds out that her destiny is to be a healer in Nemetio Spiran, a vampire world where all is not as it seems. ****** All her life, Claret had always been...

  • Owned by a Possessive Demon
    2.9M 51.4K 26

    COMPLETED || SPG || R-18 || Romance || General Fiction -- WARNING! TYPOS AND GRAMMATICAL ERRORS ARE PRESENT IN THIS STORY. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! -- 1st Installment of Owned Series. Meet Brent Monteverde, one of the wealthiest and hottest man in the Philippines. CEO ba naman sa isang pinaka sikat na kumpanya dito sa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Taking Her Innocence
    188K 2.6K 28


  • The Alien King's Mate
    296K 8.2K 34

    Highest Ranking: #284 in Love! FIRST INSTALLMENT TO THE ALIEN KING'S SERIES ..... He loves her, she doesn't love him. He wants her, she wants out. He is King, she is Queen. Taking her from Earth, then throwing her into a new world of unknown planets and monsters, Vincent has no idea what he has signed up for when f...

  • Dragon's Slave
    2M 78.2K 67

    Mature Content [Ages 17+] Madeline is one of the thousands of slaves captured by the Requiem Dragon Horde to assist them in maintaining the mountain complex where the 200 Dragons and their 5000 slaves reside. Maddie had been kidnapped by the Dragon Lord Hael, when she was a mere 6 years old. 10 years on she is buil...

  • Childish | d.h
    5.5M 156K 81

    "Are you a virgin?" "Sir, is that appropriate?" ____

    Completed   Mature
  • The Thief
    23.1K 1K 28

    The Mistake that brought them together. Si Irina ay isang magnanakaw. To spice things up on her upcoming birthday, sinubukan niyang nakawin ang isang lumang mamahaling painting sa isang auction. For the first time doing it for herself, she succeeded. Yun nga lang hindi niya inakala na may kaagaw pala siya. At ang ka...

  • Love Until It Hurts (Monteverde Series 4)
    4.9M 98.1K 44

    It's not love if it doesn't make you feel like you've jumped off the highest cliff. Because love hurts, and sometimes love also kills. And when you love, you gotta love until you bleed, you gotta love until it fucking hurts. The Monteverde Series 4 Zade Andrei Monteverde All rights reserved. Property of Patricia Nicol...

  • The Devil Who Owns Me
    982K 27.2K 119

    Trisha is being haunted by her pasts she wanted to forget. They keep coming back and she knows she needed to face them in order to move on. But what if one of it makes her tremble with fear while the other one was with a mix of desire? Can she really escape them? What she doesn't know is that one is willing to protect...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm Only His... (Book 2) (HIATUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!)
    3.1M 105K 42

    I stood there with my back away from him. I couldn't look at him not after he hurt me. How was I supposed to believe anything that came out of his mouth? "Helena. I'm...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-" taking a step closer. The heat of his muscular body penetrated my cold skin. "Leave, just...leave me alone. I can't take...

  • Matched for Life ✔
    4M 17.2K 7

    Book 1 in the Matched for Life Series In the year 4028, the person you spent your life with was born especially for you. It wasn't by fate or a higher being. No by the year 3073 our genetic bindings were developed in a lab for one purpose and one purpose only... A perfect breeding match. Chrissy Smith enjoy...

  • Twisted Lovers(boyxgirlxboy)
    437K 8.1K 18

    Nicole likes Alexander. Alexander likes Silas. Silas likes Nicole, and Alexander. What will happen to our 3 lovers? Will they find what they've all been looking for or will their love crash, and burn?

  • My four lovers (Menage , boyxboy + boyxgirl , mmmmf)
    7.3M 128K 37

    Rated R and Menage. A story about a girl and her four lovers. Its a romance story and lots of my secret fantasies.. So expect to fall in love with the people here.. ^_^ Oh, there's a little bit of boyxboy as well.... Oh okay ALOT of it.. :P *warning* I have a wicked imagination.. hehe.. :P

  • Double Trouble
    769K 28.3K 36

    9/29/16- #83 9/30/16- #75 11/23/16- #111 12/28/16- #70 Damon and Damien Heart are identical twins. They are Seniors in high school and are the epitome of the "Boys Next Door". With looks, charm and brains on their side they make the female population drop their panties with their mischievous smile. Natalia Cruz just...

  • Nikolai
    92K 3K 5

    NIKOLAI IVANOV, King of Chicago's underworld . He's ruthless ,cold-hearted ,rich, and handsome. He won't think about putting a bullet in your head, if you piss him off. But all he really wants is for someone to love him despite his past . MAYA COOPER , a sweet and innocent girl who believes that everyone is good i...

  • Rude Awakening
    696K 10K 46

    Katherine is having an affair with Ethan nang muli silang magkita ni Hans, ang ex-BF, now boss turned lover nya... (EXCERPT) He's too damned close. Dapat sana ay umiiwas ako pero hinayaan ko syang makalapit at hawiin ang buhok ko. Nang inilapit nya ang mukha nya sa akin ay alam kong hahalikan nya ako. And he did. Bah...

  • My Little Mate
    21.5M 659K 33

    Alpha Darren Hale of Moonstone Pack has been searching for his mate for four years, he's beginning to lose hope. Little does he know, he'll soon find his mate, tiny brunette Blaire. But she turns out to be hard to handle for her tiny size. Highest Ranking: #7 in Werewolf

  • Submitted to the Devil
    121K 3.2K 27

    DS #2 FIN (July 21, 2019 | 10:23 AM) All Serenity Valencio wanted in her life was to fit into her second adoptive family. Gusto niyang maging parte ng isang pamilyang nagagawa niya ang mga gusto nito. It became her life-long goal but with everything she do, with her efforts to adjust her life to their liking... hindi...

  • Lust Lasts
    202K 3.1K 50

    Lust (noun) : a strong feeling of sexual desire : a strong desire for something (c) Merriam Webster This story would contain explicit and implicit terms and words that may not be appropriate to young readers. There are also scenes that are not applicable to close-minded people in our society. The names of the characte...

  • Captivated
    2.4M 63.6K 12

    SYNOPSIS It was supposed to be a simple favor. Pretend to be her brother until he gets back his perfect health. No one would know. No one would be the wiser but her. No one would even realize the difference. She's good at playing dress up. She'd done it before, she can do it again. Then enters his brother boss. The...