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  • Victim
    617 38 7

    Who’s the girl with the silky waist-length dark brown hair, smoldering greyish blue eyes and kissable pink lips you ask? Well, it’s Destiny Vanderbilt of course. Everyone knows her as party girl at her high school with a bad reputation and the most gorgeous eyes. The guys worship the ground she walks on and this makes...

  • inflicted
    438 14 10

    somethings to remember

  • The Oblivion State
    41 2 1

    Ruby is in a state where everything is dark an emtpty. She cannot communicate with others and she cannot recieve much help. As she enters this state, she watched her life from a different perspecitve. Some things that use to matter, don't any more. This was the the oblivion state.

  • Strange Love (ON HOLD)
    80 7 3

    Brynn Winters is an average 17 year old girl, she's not the cheerleader but she is certainly not the geek, she is just Brynn. But then the new incredibly HOT teacher; Mr. Wyatt shows up, and her eyes open up to something that she never thought was possible. At first Brynn hates Mr. Wyatt but somehow she learns that h...

  • Shadows in Eternal Rest (On Temporary Hiatus)
    185 12 3

    Eliza Varn is a seemingly heartless necromancer and niece to the tyrant who has taken control of the Four Lands. She sets out to foil her uncle's plans and save her world, although grudgingly - she's not one for acts of kindness. On her way, she meets up with a Dragon Summoner and his Shadow Wolf, a boy without powers...

  • Poppies In Winter - A Sherlock Holmes Fanfiction (Editing in Process)
    9K 153 9

    When Poppy Lewis is kidnapped by the Napoleon of Crime, she is hurled into a dangerous game. She is threatened with death to help her kidnapper ensnare the great Sherlock Holmes. But Poppy gets clever. Escaping death once, she is forced to hide until it is safe again. Will she gain the upper hand over the man who is h...

  • All For Addison
    1.4K 67 4

    Janessa has one goal in life, and that's to protect her baby sister Addison.Ever since Janessa ran away with her 3 year old sister from their abusive family, it's been a struggle to stay off the streets. When Janessa has no where else to turn to for money she ends up asking the local gang leader, Cole Savage, for help...

  • Road to Dawn {Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction} (KH Watty Awards) {Action/Semi-OC}
    3.2K 91 8

    Something has always felt slightly off in Eli's life, ever since she fell into a coma two years ago. But she could never have guessed the truth—while she was fast asleep, her heart was lost within the darkness…and her soul roamed free. On her 18th birthday, Eli Underwood is swept away to a world of magic and mayhem...