• I'm Ready When You Are... {A Zayn Malik Story}
    • WildAngel
    • 12 Parts
    • Updated Nov 24, 2013 10:27PM
    12.6K 226

    Ava is a normal 17 year old girl, except the fact that her parents are abusive and only care about her younger sister. And she is forced to take her sister a O...

  • Someone Different [Zayn Malik Romance]
    1M 24.2K

    Apparently, Lela Oswalt is Perrie Edwards. Or at least, after a switch-up at the airport and a deal made between the two, that's what everybody now thinks. Lel...

  • Please Don't Jump UNDER CONSTRUCTION
    238 12

    cover by @XxHestiaxX

  • The Cheeky Chats of 1D *ON HOLD*
    7K 252

    Ever wanted to know what popstars talk about behind the cameras? Well now here's your chance. Join Liam, Zayn, Niall, Harry and Louis on an adventure through t...

  • That was then ( Zayn Malik love story)
    607K 6.7K

    Zayn and Mia were friends. Good friends. They would do nearly everything together. They promised to text everyday whilst he was away at X-factor, that was befo...

  • Revenge
    8.1K 184

    Kylie dated Zayn Malik in high school. He placed a bet on her and left her crying. So what happens when they meet again? Kylie swears to get revenge on him. We...

  • I Blame You, Mr. Tomlinson
    91.6K 838

    I Blame You- A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction By: EpicThePickle Elizabeth (Lizzie) Chase had known Louis Tomlinson for as long as she could remember. The two bes...

  • Bloody Secrets (Niall Horan fan fic)
    31.2K 491

    Jade is an average teen who is home alone a lot because her mom is always on bussiness. But what happens when Niall Horan ends up at her house and becomes link...

  • Am I in love? (Zayn Malik fan fiction)
    2.7M 47.7K

    Sophia hates Zayn Malik, a jerk from her school. She is in the same english class as him. He also lives right next to her. She hates everything about him. Her...

  • You and I (Book 1) » h.s
    444K 6.1K

    "True love always finds a way..."

  • Back For You {One Direction Fan Fiction} [DISCONTINUED]
    • AbiBear
    • 35 Parts
    • Updated Apr 22, 2014 12:50PM
    4M 33.1K

    Alexis Smith had a best friend. They both made a promise but was broken. This Summer something's gonna happen. Trust will be broken, past will haunt, friendshi...

  • The Little Cowell (A One Direction FanFic- Louis Tomlinson) *EXTREME EDITING*
    1.5M 27K

    Samantha Cowell. The perfect Girl. Funny, adorable, caring, completely lovable. Without a mother, she learnt how to survive to society, with her father, Nicho...

  • A Beauty and One Gorgeous Beast (A One Direction Fanfic)
    10.7K 187

    Layla lived in the beautiful yet busy city of Miami, Florida all her life. It was the life anyone would expect, yet, this girl was different than most. Instead...

  • Save You Tonight
    • UANwNiall
    • 12 Parts
    • Updated Oct 09, 2013 02:16PM
    8.2K 196

    Abbey is a 17 year old girl who comes from an abusive home life and one day when she meets Harry Styles and her entire world changes. When Harry decides to bri...

  • My Shoulder To Cry On
    2.9K 80

    Forever. That is the one word that best describes Louis and Roselyn. Forever. They were inseparable; nothing could come between their everlasting friendship. N...

  • Accidental Love
    25.9K 382

    What happens when Victoria Landon an 18 year old girl living in west Bradford faces a deadly car accident. The only thing is that the car that hit her wasn't...

  • The 30Days Challenge [A Harry Styles FanFic] |ON HOLD|
    • DMavis
    • 14 Parts
    • Updated Feb 23, 2013 10:05AM
    26.9K 299

    |on hold until further notice; needs a lot of editing| He's been the one to charm everyone with his smile. A player whose world now came crushing down. Ha...

  • Touring with 15 Heartthrobs
    • babyjay98
    • 11 Parts
    • Updated Nov 11, 2012 10:20AM
    320K 3.1K

    What happens when your underage, your mom is Big Time Rush's manager, and your only other relative decides now is a good time to loose their mind? Well for me...

  • Lifesaver (Liam Payne Fan Fiction)
    2.3M 19.7K

    Being an abused teenager is not easy, its emotional, painful, depressing, and so on... Running for places to hide becomes a challenge. Keeping your secret lif...

  • The Secret Princess (One Direction Fanfic)
    1.1M 13.6K

    Sophie is a normal seventeen year old. She has average grades, a bestfriend and lives in a normal house. Her secret? She's the princess of the United Kingdom...

  • The Cookie Girl (One Direction)
    • Rachasaur
    • 22 Parts
    • Updated Mar 11, 2014 12:51PM
    1.5M 16.8K

    Cassie is used to meeting the rich and famous; after all, she works at one of the most prestigious hotels in the country. But when some mysterious new guests c...

  • Love at First Tweet
    82.9K 1.5K

    Who knew a celebrity could crush on a girl over Twitter?

  • I'm His Sister
    76.7K 649

    Hi, I'm Chloe Tomlinson, younger sister of Louis Tomlinson from the British group, One Direction. I may have a crush on one of these boys, but I don't know if...

  • Imagine That(One Direction Imagines) *Requests welcome*
    1.3M 9.2K

    I make One Direciton "imagines" which are just random things that you can imagine happen if you meet the boys and such... You can ask for one if you'd like, ju...

  • Short One Direction Imagines
    20.3K 75

  • A Sweet Melody {Niall Horan}
    • harruld
    • 21 Parts
    • Updated Jun 10, 2013 06:47PM
    41.9K 558

    All Carter Callahan has ever wanted was to live her dream and make music for people. She's always wanted to get somewhat close to the music industry,if not a p...

  • One Direction: Fresh Start.
    32.1K 260

    Leah hasn't had the best life, you could say that she's mature for her age. At the age of 15 her parents died and since then, she's had to fend for herself. Ev...

  • Trip To England~~A One Direction FanFiction
    15.5K 175

    What would you do if you ran into One Direction at a grocery store? When 3 best friends Shayla, Karly, and Robin take off on their long awaited trip to England...

  • Saved By Lou
    9.9K 360

    Celeste Turcot was just a small town girl who was diagnosed with cancer. She tweets One Direction everyday. Her only dream being that she wants a RT or at leas...

  • We're Only Going One Direction (One Direction Fan Fiction)
    • rmbwriting
    • 42 Parts
    • Updated Sep 22, 2014 06:32AM
    2.1M 9.5K

    Addison is new to this. This is definitely not what she had expected. After being adopted into the Payne family, she has made a bunch of new close friends and...