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  • Red | Narry
    67.2K 3.8K 36

    Niall Horan has just moved to England from Ireland to escape a world of bullying and hate but when he meets Harry Styles, one of the most well known vampires in England, what will happen?

    Completed   Mature
  • Royal Secret [n.s.]
    67.7K 4.9K 30

    in which a prince falls for none other than a commoner... who happens to be the son of the king's head of security [alpha/omega]

  • Don't Disobey Daddy ::N.S::
    135K 6K 23

    "This is inappropriate, you're my best friend's father" I whisper, he just pushes himself against me. His lips grazing my ear, his hot breath sending chills down my spine. "Then why aren't you leaving?" he whispers. I look at him, and he has an eyebrow quirked. ==== Niall's living situation isn't something he is very...

    Completed   Mature
  • Date me, Teach me || Narry
    216K 11.2K 54

    Niall and Harry met over a dating website. After getting to know each other, Harry knows a lot about Niall and how he looks like. But Niall doesn't know much about Harry, just his first name. After summer break, Niall has a new English teacher. But of course, Niall doesn't know it's Harry.

    Completed   Mature
  • Iris // Narry MPreg
    111K 2.9K 15

    Niall Horan was already living a not so typical life. Touring the world in a mega famous boy band, and having girls throwing themselves at him was a feat in itself. His life was stressful, and anything but normal. Throw a few unexpected miracles in the mix, and his hectic life just got a heck of a lot more chaotic. Ha...

  • Baby Daddy [n.s.] ✔️
    216K 9.6K 43

    [COMPLETED] |SEQUEL TO: COLLEGE BOY| "You're staring." "You're beautiful." "Even though I'm fat?" "You're not fat, you're pregnant." Age isn't an issue anymore, but a baby sure is.

  • Mute Love (Narry Mpreg)
    350K 10.1K 34

    Niall the hurt mute boy that blocks everyone out to try and protect himself from the monster behind locked doors. Harry the hot popular kind boy that tries to help and be sweet to people. But, what will happen when a crying Niall bumps into Harry. Will Harry see the pain that Niall hides and try to protect him from...

  • Lipstick Stain [n.s.] ✔️
    264K 12.3K 49

    in which harry likes girly things and niall is a jock who finds him absolutely beautiful

    Completed   Mature
  • Jocks Suck Dick Too
    77.2K 1.7K 32

    "I love you. Don't you love me back Harry?" "Is that even a question Niall? Of course I do, always have loved you, always will." Or the one about Harry and Niall, best friends, make out buddies, and lovers?

  • Love at First Sight » Narry AU
    542K 17.5K 52

    What is Love at first sight? Getting butterflies in your stomach or having your palms sweat buckets? What defines it, and is it even possible to happen? I mean you can't possibly fall in love with someone you just met... Can you? Niall Horan- a native of Mullingar Ireland, the one who thought he would live there for t...

  • Anything Could Happen. (Narry Storan)
    401K 9.5K 33

    WARNING; It's a BoyxBoy book, so that means smut and cuteness is going to happen, if you don't like that then don't continue.. So there's this guy. The guy with green eyes, brown curls and a lovely smile with dimples. Then, there's this other guy. The other guy with blue eyes, dyed-blonde hair and the fixed smile. The...

    Completed   Mature
  • Help (Narry Storan)
    160K 5.8K 26

    The life of the boys of One Direction are perfect, for all except one. And Harry finds that he wants to help this one broken member of their band, but what if help isn't an option?

  • Baby Styles (Narry mpreg)
    600K 22.9K 51

    Harry and his family are going to spend the summer with Harry's mums best friend and her family. He's not very excited, to say it that way. He know theres another boy in the other family, a boy at his age. Harry's mum is positive he's gonna make a friend. Harry meets Niall and his whole world changes. Niall can see hi...

  • Stockholm Syndrome "Obsessed" [Narry] (boyxboy)
    4.3K 155 9

    This is another Narry story..Niall was a cheerful lad, so popular among friends in university but he couldn't attached to anyone. He had comitment issues. It was hard task for him to fall in love, he thought that was a thing just happens in romantic movies, not in real life. Then he met with Ashton and everything chan...

  • The Model [Narry] (boyxboy)
    26.9K 1.3K 40

    Niall Horan's mother and father were so rich and outgoing people. They didn't care about their only son enough. They always went travelling somewhere. They were famous in film industry.. Niall was raised by nannies. But they loved their son. They were just like crazy parents who let their son to do anything. Harry St...

  • An irish mob leader and A cop [Narry] (boyxboy)
    123K 4.2K 141

    Harry Styles is an undercover cop, Niall Horan is the Leader of The Irish Mob. Harry was asked to be at his side as his lover and be a spy for Government. He accepted it,did that.. but in meantime he fall in love with Niall.. But the question is: What will happen next? Will they have a happy ending or not? *Warning:...

  • Somewhere Only We Know (Sequel to CIWWAF) (narry mpreg)
    38.8K 4K 52

    "Who needs Prince Charming when I've already got you?" Or the one where Niall has a secret and Harry's never home

  • Something Between Us ||Narry||
    1M 35.5K 46

    Niall and Harry, sweethearts since high school and now they're married. A true love story right? Well, it doesn't really end there. Nial still wants to study at University after they got married and Harry, being the smart one who graduated university early, got a job as a professor at the same university. They just di...

  • Captivating (Sequel To Captivated)
    368K 14.5K 48

    Niall cant remember his boyfriend.....Harry What lengths will Harry, go to, to make sure that Niall's memory comes back. Can true love truly concur all? Or will someone from the outside interfere with everything and ruin their Happy ending. After all the boys still have some unresolved issues..... Wait a sec.... What...

  • A Dangerous Type of Love (Narry) ~Somewhat Short Story~
    239K 9.6K 41

    Have you ever just fallen for someone that you knew wasn’t meant for you. Someone that you knew it was wrong for you to want so badly. The feeling that loving someone that could never possibly love you back could make you feel like inside. Holding back every emotion knowing that showing one of them could ruin the one...

  • The forgotten one
    119K 2.5K 41

    Niall is the middle child. The one no one remembers. The one who everyone forgot exist. (Read for more info)

  • Sometimes We Make Mistakes (Boyxboy)
    43.8K 1.4K 24

    This story started out with several chapters already written. I am here to finish the story. Honestly, if you don't want to read this, then don't

  • Little Things ↪ Narry
    33.8K 1.7K 38

    Harry and Niall are friends from childhood. They are popular boys in school and every girl wants to date them. Boys are trying to be friends with them too. But what happens when they're playing truth and dare? What happens when Harry gets dared to kiss Niall? And the most important, what happens when Harry starts to d...

  • The Omega Diaries • Narry (on temporary hiatus)
    27.4K 1.5K 16

    This isn't a diary. This is a story about the Alpha and the Omega that were forced to be together, but ended up falling in love anyway. {Narry a/b/o dynamics} <warnings: smut, violence, mpreg, language> {updates happen randomly!}

  • niall's secret | n.s
    30.2K 1.6K 14

    "You think you're safe and secure because no one knows your secret, but one day the truth won't be hidden anymore doll."

  • Charmed (Narry)
    6.6K 453 24

    Three brothers meet up after a very long time in a place they were always supposed to be together and accidentally discover something very magical about their ancestral legacy. Louis | Liam | Niall are brothers. But they are more than that. They are the Charmed Ones. And Harry Styles? He's their Whitelighter. This is...

  • Harry/Hayley [Larry,Zarry,Narry] (boyxboy)
    36.2K 1.3K 64

    Harry is a young curly hair boy with green eyes. He has bullied for years now by the school gang and he is sick of it. He hates especially Louis and Zayn.. Louis is the leader of that gang and Zayn is like his right hand. Harry got beaten almost everyday all those years. He just hate it, hate them, hate school, hate s...

  • Perfect (N.S MPREG)
    34.6K 1.7K 23

    (Book 2-Sequel to Night Changes.) Things may have been complicated for Niall and Harry before, but things will be even more difficult with the addition of a child.

  • Night Changes (N.S MPREG)
    141K 6.8K 37

    Two boys of opposite personalities are forced together by a drunken mistake. (Book 1)

    Completed   Mature
  • Kitten (Narry Hybrid AU)//DISCONTINUED
    18.4K 1.8K 18

    Niall may not have been the nicest hybrid, but Harry sure loved him. copyright © 2016 by irishbabie