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  • Angel {COMPLETED}
    197K 12.1K 52

    Beyonce is definitely both verbally and physically abusive but her heart is for Onika and Onika only. Onika is different. She already found someone else but she also has a baby girl who goes by the name of Cavalli Beyince Knowles. When Beyonce finds out about this baby girl, what will she do? Will it be more fuel for...

    Completed   Mature
  • If You Were Mine {COMPLETED}
    98.3K 7K 32

    Ever since Beyoncé's father left her, She's never been the same. It had the same effect when her ex cheated then did the same thing. Running around with the Crips was never her first choice but it might just be her last...

  • Otherside {COMPLETED}
    7.5K 953 10

    If the well runs dry, You're my reason to believe in ... Another Life. When Beyoncé left Houston, it was for a better life and she was sure that she wouldn't be back. There was no looking back for her but when she gets the news that her mother is dead, it brings her right back to her roots. But she left Houston to g...

  • Lucifer {COMPLETED}
    81.9K 5.2K 19

    i'mma good girl/ but I wanna be bad for you.

  • Used To {COMPLETED}
    24.1K 2.7K 23

    [1st Installation of the Used To series] Beyoncé and Onika's relationship had ended years ago, almost a decade actually but there wasn't a day that they hadn't thought about each other. This was mostly because of their daughter, Désir. Désir was a duplicate of them both, holding the heart of both her parents in her ha...

  • Whatever You Like {COMPLETED}
    177K 11.2K 50

    Beyoncé is a woman of many trades, an international woman. Beyoncé is all by herself in her huge homes and one day when she goes back to her hometown just to show her community that they mean something to her, she meets this struggling woman, Onika, and sees just what she might need.