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  • Build Me Up | Transformers Prime
    5.1K 290 6

    A classified military specification was stolen. The people of the Pentagon never wanted it to fall into the wrong hands. The operation, code-named "Experiment: Blackbird", was highly unstable. A failed trial. To make matters worse, it was placed in the hands of the evil Decepticons. Blackbird never wanted to leave. Bu...

  • Being Human (Transformers Prime)
    49.4K 2.9K 41

    {Season Three: Beast Hunters} "We'll have to close the Groundbridge." Smokescreen says as he makes his way over to the controls. "If anymore explosions come through here, the whole place could be set on fire." "No!" Ratchet snarls, warning the rookie to stay away from the controls. "Jack, Miko, and Rafael are still...

  • Transformers Prime - Stay
    215K 7.6K 51

    Stay: Book One Tracy was normal. Human. No creepy special powers unless you counted her ability to turn situations around in her favor. But she won't be normal for long. She became special when she volunteered to give up her life as a human and become . . . an Autobot? One day leads to the rest of her life going from...

  • I screwed up in Transformers Prime
    4.3K 143 13

    A typical Transfan can imagine becoming a Cyber-Organic and crossing over to the universe where their favorite version of Transformers exist for the best. Unlike what we all think could happen with the above; reality tell us there's two routes: doing good, and screwing up. Even bringing in characters who were not seen...

  • Living in Transformers Prime
    14.6K 654 21

    I’m a TransFan who was taken into Transformers Prime, no thanks to Soundwave. I became a Cyber-Organic; the Transformers Prime Version of Techno-Organics. I also cannot die. I’m living in Transformers Prime, in the middle of season 1. Enough said. In Transformers Prime: Book 2 of 3. Started: 7.26.2014 Completed: 9.11...

  • Why am I in Transformers Prime?
    22.2K 1K 17

    For every Transformers Cartoon, that has ever been made, I watch the last episode. For people out there who don't understand:I merely watch the last episode to every Transformer show.To accomplish this the first episode is seen. For the past three years, I've been avoiding a certain show called Transformers Prime. Sta...

  • A New Life A Transformers Prime FanFiction
    46.6K 1.3K 25

    A young girl about 17 or 18 has seen something that she shouldn't have. She has been kidnapped and her entire life is changed she has no memory of her past nor of her past friends. All she wanted was to be normal a normal kid doing Normal things. How will she cope with her new found life that she will be living. You c...

  • My Worst Enemy {Transformers Story}
    87.5K 2.4K 21

    Lord Megatron has always found Starscream to be more trouble than he was worth, but when the idea of gaining more of the rare Seeker breed is placed in his processor, the warlord decides he may as well learn how to take care of his new pet. (I assume this would be the time to grovel and say I own nothing. Well, I don'...