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  • Transformers ( Bayverse ) - I Bleed Into Darkness
    33.7K 1.6K 50

    Book Two of the I Bleed series. - Fay is dealing with a lot now. Knowing her past took a bigger toll than Optimus thought it would, and led her to extremes that landed her in a very special place: a mental ward. As time passes, Optimus and Charlie's visits lead to more and more suspicion on their part as far as what r...

  • I am surrounded by alien robots!
    31.4K 1.7K 60

    For a nine year old; you wouldn't expect to find yourself surrounded by gigantic human-alien-like robot machines. These guys scared me! I backed up a few steps until my foot hit something hard and metal like. I looked up to see a yellow robot with these insanely adorable blue optics.But being adorable doesn't help in...

  • This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!
    20.2K 695 63

    I have seen all three movies, Transformers movies. A Transformer, in the fandom of Transfans, means gigantic alien machines that can scan vehicles and become them, hence, becoming Robots in Disguise. They are not the powerboxes that you see on the poles. They have sparks, which generate their personality and life bein...

  • Stuck {A Transformers Bayverse Fanfiction}
    6K 230 8

    When Max gets lost in the woods during a storm, she finds herself zapped to the world of Transformers. Nothing is familiar at the least and she feels awkward around everyone. Will N.E.S.T. treat her as one of their own? Disclaimer: I DONT OWN ANYTHING EXCEPT THE STORY AND MY OC, EVEN THOUGH I WISH I DID SOMETIMES