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  • Accidentally in Love
    453K 6.1K 40

    Niall and Marygrace met by a chance of fate, a twist of luck. What are the odds that you accidentally address a ranting email meant for your cheating ex-boyfriend to an international superstar? What are the odds that he’ll actually reply? Niall can’t tell Marygrace the truth. He just can’t. Then again, what are t...

  • Climbing the Walls (OFFICIALLY RESUMED!)
    43.2K 593 45

    Best friends Marissa & Beth are in for a season full of laid-back work as Summer Camp councilors. The girls have shipped off to Twin Lakes for weeks of swimming, kids crafts, and fun in the sun - little did they know 5 celebrity boys would be joining the mix. Will they have an unforgettable summer alongside the membe...

  • Fame (Harry Styles) - COMPLETE
    259K 1.8K 27

    (COMPLETE) Molly can't help feel bitterness towards Harry, she was the one who egged him on to audition for The X Factor, and now look at him; he is touring the world and visiting all the places they used to dream about. After Harry arrives back in London after months of travelling, things immediately turn awkward for...

  • Daughter Direction
    4.7M 47.5K 31

    *First Place in the 1DWattyAwards for the One Direction category!* Sixteen year old Katie Wilson had a pretty average life, minus the fact that she's family friends with Liam Payne from One Direction, even though the two themselves have barely ever talked before. But disaster strikes and Katie is now an orphan - until...