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  • Randomness hetalia
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    Random stuff like internet and stuff like that. Warning:may not be suited for some.

  • Before We Were Countries
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    An APH Fanfiction about the countries, before they were countries of course. Several chapters will be dedicated to each country's story, so this'll be sort of like a collection of small stories! :) This is a bit sad, or so I've been told, so warning about that! Read on!!

  • One World, One Girl
    2.2K 170 41

    There is a World Meeting for the nation's newest member! Everyone is excited to see who this new member is. A country? A city? More like a mix of everyone's capital city! Sapphire Mustang, as everyone calls her when she's a regular human, and all her other forms are here to join the World Meeting! Will the nations li...

  • ♦ 30 Day Hetalia Challenge! ♦
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    Wohoooooo-not Tagged by Ate Roosa..... hate chu why u do dis to me

  • Hetalia 30 day challenge!
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  • Hetalia 30 Day Challenge
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    Umm this is kind of obvious but... there is a brief description in the first chapter so read to find out!

  • The bible of Doitsu
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    Read this and worship lord Doitsu! Credit goes to the Doitsuism wiki.

  • Stereotypes Lyrics~
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    This is a hole bunch of random stuff and The STEREOTYPES Lyrics~~ xD Jynx made this! Yeah Im on her account! Why? Cause Im cool and shit! IM GONNA GET YELLED AT NOW Dx Ive pissed off like who ever reads this! :/ WHATEVA THEN DONT READ!! IM SPAIN THE BOSS ((Only Chazty ppl will get tht <<<)) OH Jynx is @ImaMonsterx3 LI...

  • Welcome to the New Age [APH Songfic] ::Radioactive - Imagine Dragons::
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    DISCLAIMER: I do not own the song, Radioactive, nor do I own the anime Hetalia. This piece is purely fictional, and does not depict any actual event(s).

  • Broken Mind (Hetalia Fanfic)
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    For the Out of Character Contest - HetaliaFanficRec Random events occur causing life to go not as planned. Japan finds himself in another persons body for a day. Disclaimer - I don't own Hetalia.

  • OC Overload!
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    Here they are! All my wonderful OCs complied into one book. Not all OCs are mine and some belong to my friends. If you would like to know who I'll make sure to cite them on their appropriate pages. Thank you. Hetards Unite!

  • Heta-Crack
    12.9K 789 61

    Just randomness for Hetalia. I started this book in 2014, when my writing was cringy as hell. So skip until the chapter "GUESS WHO'S BACK BOI'S" If you want my writing from 2019 onward.

  • Ask Spain & Canada (APH Randomness) |DISCONTINUED|
    10.6K 1K 70

    As expected, we made an ask book. Cliché, I know. So send in your questions! Both countries would be more than happy to do so! But wait, there's more! Spain and Canada also agreed to do dares, reacts, headcanons, and random skits~

  • Be Brave, Be Smart, Be safe! ( A Hetalia Fanfiction)
    7.2K 201 15

    " Be Brave, Be Smart, Be Safe" Were the words my brother said when I was send away from Scotland. I didn't want to but he wanted me to go to safer place then there, but I m not so sure that where I was going were that much safer than there. The only thing I know is that I' m going to one of his brothers and stay ther...

  • 30 Day Hetalia Challenge
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    I got bored and I'm Hetalia obsessed so this is what happened.

  • Rules of Hetalia:
    1M 68.3K 165

    This is basically a list of things to avoid for Hetalians, which I honestly didn't expect to get so many reads. Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia (that'd be pretty awesome if I did though.) Warning: adult themes, possible violence, slight sexual content, little bit of yaoi implied, and swear words. ... But, if you've...

  • The Completely Original Hetalia 30 Day Challenge!!!
    2.2K 227 47

    Ever wondered what my opinions on Hetalia were? Probably not, but I think you may be surprised at my answers. If you want you can add in your own opinions in the comments. Thank you for reading. I don't own any of the pictures. Hetards Unite!

  • Holy Roman Empire
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  • The Southern Continent
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    Antarctica comes out of hiding, to find her land claimed by some "older siblings". One of them, England, takes her in and teaches her how to be a country, but first she must meet her 2p, along with a whole handful of others.

  • Fight to the Death
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    An act of war has left Germany no choice. He has to invade France. But a small problem opens a new question. France has been kidnapped by Russia. And no one knows snow and how to navigate the terrain better than Russia. Well, someone might... One small problem though, her big brother England. Her brothers New Zealand...

  • The Anime Bible
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    i kept on putting anime chapters in my other random book but it wasn't an anime book so I made a random anime book anyways i am the jesus of anime fangirls so follow my bible and bow down bitch (jkjkjkjk) literally i was so stupid ok if u wanna read me being a fucking idiot and cringe than GO THE FUCK AHEAD. this is s...

    Completed   Mature
  • We Are Zodiac (Hetalia Fanfic)
    84.8K 4.7K 37

    If you think you've wandered into a Fruits Basket-type story with sugary sweetness and romance, you are wrong. Dead wrong. This is a story where you probably won't survive the night. Welcome to a world where you have to be wary of going out of your home. Lock your doors behind you. Carry a weapon of the highest calibe...

  • Peace In Pieces (WW3) [COMPLETE]
    50.4K 2.8K 27

    It's sometime in the future. World War III has come. No country is safe from it. They have taken it too far. A breaking point. Hell. All countries are at a raging on war. One that can't seem to be resolved. They've past the point of no return... No backward glances... Their games of make believe are at an end. (( Het...

  • Sign Please!
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    Help support Sealand's becoming a country!

  • Fandom-Crossing Crack Book
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    HERRO CHILDREN! YOU HAVE NOW STUMBLED ACROSS SOME RANDOM SHIT ON THE PLANET. FEAST YOUR EYES UPON THIS. AJSJSHSJAIAJSHSAH Shit I do in this book: -Dares -Questions -One Shots -Lemons -Random Crack -Fangirling -Ship Songs -Etc. Fandoms either in book or adding later on: -Superwholock -Hetalia -SnK (Attack on Titan, dum...