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  • Everybody Knows - Chris Brown
    3.5K 191 13

    Chris Brown love story. All rights reserved.

  • Life Itself | Chris Brown
    163K 6.8K 33

    "I'm never ever letting go, cause I love you more than life itself" Copyright © 2015 Publisher: Breezyswife05 I do not own any of the pictures used in this publication.

    Completed   Mature
  • Hood Love
    2.9K 171 33

  • Reality Check
    732 49 9

    16 year old Payton is known for being passed around from guy to guy. She hasn't really had anyone to help her in life do the right thing but everything changes when she gets pregnant. Can she be a good mother or continue her slutty ways?

  • Pride Kills : Chris Brown Story
    53.3K 1.7K 50

    To much of anything isn't good. It's alright to have pride in yourself and knowing when you need better or not lowering your standards. But the last person you expect may just knock your walls down. Dee is young and was raised to know better. But will this life make or break her?

  • Caught Up
    1.1K 52 20

    A 17 year old girl named Christina . She lives in Virgina with her mom and dad . They have fights but its nothing new to her theyve been doing that since she was little . And she wants to move away from her dad , she dont want to but its only right for her mom safety and she wants her to be happy. But back to Christin...

  • I Could Neva (JGE RETRO)
    6.2K 248 70

    JGE Retro, a Lil Shawn (Tab) and Cameron ( Shad) story. Shawn had everything you'd dream of. His uncle was Nelly so he had something special. When he turned 13 his mom passed from Leukemia, all he had was his younger sister Sydney and his cousins aka Nelly's children ( Nana and Tré). Shawn wanted to be just like his u...

  • A Walk to Remember (editing)
    297K 11.4K 71

    Our dearly beloved Christopher Brown encounters a girl a lot like him named Savannah Underwood. They don't hit it off right away but they come to like each other of course. They're growing teenagers dealing with teenage things and situations but together. Read the sequel! A Day to Remember

    Completed   Mature
  • Love More (Trilogy To New Flame)
    55.5K 2.2K 62

    Chris and A'Jahnae are back at it... But this time, they've grown and they know what they want. Despite their vows being renewed and their kids growing into beautiful individuals, does the lies, deceit, greed, and heartbreak still get in their way? This could be a great beginning to a new chapter of their lives... as...

  • Bodyguard
    68.5K 4.4K 22

    My Procter. At first he got to paid to take care of you. Now his taking care of you because he loves you. Does the famous rapper Nicki Minaj love him back though?

  • Owned
    340K 14.6K 58

    Owned: 1. verb; to have ownership or possession of 2. adjective belonging to or on behalf of specified person. He owned her. She was not free anymore. CBFANFIC

  • You Changed Me ~ Chris Brown
    4.3K 135 15

    From paper to in person. Fan to family.

  • Play Ya Cardz (August Alsina FanFic)
    82.1K 1.8K 59

    This story will be about a girl named Keyshia meeting the most finest celeb (August Alsina) in history ! Read more to find out , the ffmysteries and mishaps between them ! Thry will go through hell and back. Will love keep them together? Dealing with their friends and the celeb life. August Alsina Keyshia Brooks(Als...