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  • Of Awesome Love and Junk *On hold* (Sorry I'm so lazy)
    3.2K 140 2

    Matthew Williams is practically invisible to everyone he meets but when he moved to England he forms an unlikely friendship with Gilbert Beilschmidt. As the two become closer awkward feeling start to develop but it won't tear their beautiful friendship apart. Or will it? No it won't!

  • Canada One shots
    12.2K 431 6

    A collection of Canada/ Matthew one shots!!! Canada needs some love (and he totally made the thing I'm writing this on) so he gets to have a whole book dedicated to him and his awesomeness!!! Hope you enjoy them! (Sorry for any bad spelling/grammar or badly translated french XP)

  • Romano One shots
    28.7K 1.1K 12

    This collection is for Italy's beloved brother Romano/ Italy/ Lovino!!! Yes he is part of the lovely country of Italy so he gets the name Italy as well! He is just so darn CUTE!! I loves him!! I mean who doesn't!? TOMATO!!!! (Sorry for any bad spelling/grammar or bad google translations XP)

  • Drabbles With the Hetalia Boys
    19.9K 395 9

    Romantic encounters with all your favorite personified nations await you! Right now, I'm only doing the Axis Powers and the Allied Forces but I will take requests. All you have to do is ask.