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  • The Loser Club ► Dean Ambrose
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    "A wise man once said: when the world takes something from you, it leaves your hands open to something better." -Dean Ambrose She's seen him around, then again it was kind of hard to miss a raging lunatic but they had never properly met. Both their lives change drastically after their loss at BackLash. **Updates On:...

  • The Lunatic's Favorite Christian [Dean Ambrose]
    316 63 3

    ::: S L O W U P D A T E S ::: Kendall almost floated down the hall with grace, her right hand holding her cross necklace tightly in her fingers. Dean growls lowly under his breath when he notices her from the corner of his eye, his jaw tightens as she looks at him and smiles wide, he rolls his eyes looking the other...

  • You Lie (Cody Rhodes) Part One
    1K 25 2

    This is book short one shots some will be sad, some will be happy and some will be a bit of both. They are all WWE. Enjoy :)

  • Come Back To Me [Cody Rhodes]
    9.5K 380 8

    "How can you love someone after a 30 minute talk?" is what Cody and Maggie get asked all the time by friends and family, they both answer the same thing. "Your heart just knows when its met its match..." However neither know the other feels the same way, they have been trying to meet up again for the past 2 years but...

  • Chicago Made Love |CM Punk| Editing
    10K 432 9

    ||||UNDER CONSTRUCTION|||| Carson Nash's life gets turned upside down when she is suddenly transferred from her peaceful nursing job in Arlington, Texas to the windy city Chicago. From bumps and bruises to gun shots and stab wounds she feels lost in this big city, after finally making a friend in her new home her life...

  • Over You
    6.6K 252 8

    John Cena is in love with one of the best WWE divas of all time. But what happens when they have a fight and something bad happens to her. Will John ever get to tell her how he feels or will it be too late for him to tell her his feelings. How will he feel? This is all in John’s Point of view. This is going to be a sa...

  • Everything's Real But Her (John Cena)
    10.4K 298 7

    After falling in love with a girl on Twitter, John Cena start's to push the idea of meeting her in person however what he doesn't know is she isn't real. Her picture, her name, and most of the details she has told him are all fake. Afraid he won't like the real her, she keeps it a secret as she tries to find away out...

  • Never Had A Dream Come True On Hold
    6K 138 14

    Becca is known around the WWE as dating Randy Orton. Well when Randy dumps her and she moves on with her life. Randy doesn't care until she sets her eyes on his best friend John Cena. What will happen when with these three? Read to find out.

  • CM Punk and AJ: There Is Only Enough Love For You.
    7.7K 105 3

    The WWE storylines only get weirder. AJ Lee and CM Punk are in love with each other, yet, they won't tell. But when the storyline in WWE gets a total of three guys interested in AJ, will her love last for Punk? Or will she give it away to Daniel, or even Kane? I DO NOT OWN WWE OR STORYLINES!!

  • Why would you love someone like me? (A John Cena love story)
    1.6K 23 1

    Jackies new to WWE. What happens when The girl thats always been quiet and never talked to anyone is falling head over heels for the champ,the doctor of thuganomics. And what will she do when she finds out shes paired with an unlikely trio in a storyline? And one major problem her father is the COO of the WWE.

  • Could "Dashing" Get Any Hotter?
    513 19 1

    A one shot for a friend.

  • Nothing But Perfection (Dolph ziggler One Shot)
    2.2K 32 1

    Charity has a crush on Dolph Ziggler. What will happen when his manager Vickie Gueerero gets in the way?

  • Beauty and the Beast.
    1.3K 18 1

    Katlyn Summers, a WWE Diva. What happens when she falls for the WWE superstar, Randy Orton? Read to find out. ll Randy Orton love story ll

  • Lucky or Unlucky?
    1.3K 22 23

    Everyone thinks that she has the perfect family. Everything is perfect in the life of Taylor. Well everything looks perfect from the outside but inside is a whole other story. Taylor's husband is a WWE superstar and she has a beautiful 4 year old. but she she has a secret. Her world is far from perfect.

    Completed   Mature
  • My Fist, Your Mouth, Her Scars (Ted DiBiase One Shot)
    1.3K 31 2

    Violet is going out with Wade Barrett. He is less than nice to her. What will happen when Ted DiBiase tired to steal her from Wade?

  • Learning From The Best (The Miz One Shot)
    2.6K 38 1

    Stefaine is on WWE's Tough Enough. What will happen when she has a crush on one of the trainers, Mike Mizanin aka The Miz?

  • Merry Christmas Daddy
    456 9 1

    Justin Gabriel comes home to his wife Jasmyne during the holidays and comes home to even a bigger surprise!

  • It's All Going A-Ry (Alex Riley One Shot)
    798 10 1

    Shauna and Alex have been friends since the start. What happens when they like each other more than friends?

  • My Straight Edge Love
    2.8K 77 5

    Kaity's older brother was getting married. Phil's younger sister was getting married. That is how the two ended up on the same flight to Chicago. But neither of them knew who the other was at the time. Will their new budding romance continue once they do?

  • They Don't Understand
    209 5 1

    Michelle McCool is a teacher. She vowed to love all her students equally. This changed as she one student surprised her and made her feel otherwise...

  • I Can Still See You (A John Cena Love Story)
    3K 38 3

    A fanfiction starring a girl named Mia Tyler, the newest diva in the WWE, and Mr. John Cena himself. Who knows what will happen when they are thrown together in a storyline? Anything can happen.

  • Top of the Turnbuckle
    172 6 2

    Meet 22 year old Gage Southerland. He's the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history. It's the week before the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw, and Mr. McMahon brings him in to discuss his segments for the show. When a Diva comes back from injury and is going to work a segment with Gage, he starts to have...