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  • The K.E.M.M.O Girls and the Feburary Disaster
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    Kennedy, Mariah, Maddie, Olivia and Emma, are all in the same class, for their first year of middle school! They were all having a great year, until their teacher Mrs.Higgins tells them that they are having a supply teacher, the next day! The girls are not to excited about that. All of a sudden their moms go missing...

  • No Capes
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    "Why not wear a cape?" I whispered as the nighttime drizzle turned to mist. "Don't superheroes usually wear capes?" He cracked a boyish grin. "Nah. Not unless they want a death wish. Capes are hazardous for your health, Madeline." He looked at me, and I suspected he was about to divulge his best advice so far. "No ca...