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  • BxB Short Stories. Met You
    9.4K 927 46

    Di ko na kaya. Sobrang sakit na. Bakit ganito? Kamag-anak ko naman sila pero bakit ganito nila ako tratuhin? Masasakit na salita, sampal at sipa. Kung sana nandito pa sila mom at dad, di ko sana nararanasan pa to. Hindi ko lubos maisip na sila pa ang gagawa nito. Ayoko na. Hindi ko na kaya. Tumakbo ako, tumakbo pal...

    Completed   Mature
  • Midnight Daisy
    25 3 1

    You're my Daisy.

  • Like Sign Repel (OneShot:BxB)
    123 7 1

    Like signs repel, and opposites attract... That's how the world works. That's how the the life in the world works... Even in someone's love story, it could also be applied.

  • Her Diabolical Revenge
    183 18 5

    The last thing I want before I die would probably be a revenge. A DIABOLICAL REVENGE. I know that it is very inhuman but I have no other choice. If you have, then tell me. Don't waste your time for something that doesn't even makes sense. Tell me right now, at this moment, unless you want to see dead. *pero hindi pa...

  • My Ex-Bestfriend
    1K 62 8

    Teaser "Let's end this friendship Florence" nagulat ako sa sinabi ni Lexus sa akin kaya napalingon ako sa kanya. "Bakit? We've been friends for almost a decade, naging mabuti rin naman akong kaibigan." Nakatingin lang siya sa akin na parang hindi niya narinig sinabi ko. "Dahil kailangan na nating tapusin and that's i...

  • Abandoned Wife
    31.4K 1.3K 20

    TEASER " why??! why did he leave me right after our marriage?? and now its not just me... as well as our child I'm now carrying" iyak ni Chelsea habang nasa isang pribadong kwarto ng hospital matapos sabihin sa kanya ng tao na kamukhang kamukha ng ama ng kanyang anak na siya ay nagdadalantao. ⏩▶⏩▶⏩▶⏩▶⏩▶⏩▶⏩▶⏩▶⏩▶⏩▶ Yan...

    38.6K 1.7K 27

    Synopsis: He is rude. He is always angry. He is always wearing fiercely look. He is not smiling all the time. He loves to ruined people lives specially the one who he really hated. He is the bitch, not a bitch He always raised his brow. He's not a jolly person. He always shouted. He always hated by the people around...

  • The Greek Badass' Addiction
    612K 22.1K 30

    COMPLETED. LORDS OF SAVAGE Second Installment! ©MaribelleVerzosa

  • Playboy's Fuckboy (TagLish)
    17.8K 553 25

    A story between a playboy and a fuckboy. Book cover made by: covermeredd

  • She Screwed the Womanizer!
    2.5K 26 5

    [TagLish] An erotic romance story between an innocent girl and a womanizer. The story commenced when Ms. Innocent forced by her friends to wear a strap-on dildo and compelled her to fuck the most handsome man inside the bar during the night where she was celebrating her birthday. Because of extreme intoxication, she w...

  • I'm A Rogue
    275 12 9

    Subaybayan ang buhay ng isang SHAWN CROSS. +++++++++++ So guys! Hello! Sorry sa last story ha? Drained kasi utak ko dun eh. Hehez. Votes and comments na rin ha. Love you all. 😘😘😘 Sorry sa cover😞😞😞

  • I'm Falling In LOVE to a Mafia prince
    34K 967 30

    Si Akihiro Kun Ay isang half japanese half korean na lumaki sa Pilipinas kasama ang kanyang Personal Assistant never niya pang nakilala ang kanyang parents dahil bata pa siya nong ipinaalaga siya sa iba hindi niya alam kung bakit. Si Draven Santiago ay isang pure filipino kilala siya bilang bully, cassanova, bad boy...

  • Only fools.
    60 8 2

    we are all fucked up, anyway.

  • Zavier Academy
    2K 145 16

    What if one day, someone tells you that you are not normal? That you're not actually human? But, you are something else; something way more special. And that is, by having a special ability. Well, Elliane Leighton happens to be like this. She finds herself in a state where she is starting to see something extraordinar...

  • The Billionaire's Bond
    331K 8K 43

    Denisse Abucay doesn't know what trouble was until she met the man of her dreams. Once leading a boring and predictable life, she embarked on a different kind of journey with Warren Ellison. Will her sanity be the price to pay to be with the man she desires? Ranking: General Fiction #28 - April 2, 2017 #69 - February...

  • Defying The King
    146K 10.2K 64

    Chord doesn't like dealing with other people unless they are the first one to initiate. He doesn't like other people to boss him and he'll definitely not back down from any challenge. Zones A-Z. Pawns. Regulars. Council of Five. Project Royalty. Typical is definitely not included in the list of words that describe Im...

  • Two Daddies and Me (Completed)
    65.3K 2K 16

    "Where happiness ends, reality begins..." Akala nina Rob at Paulo ay puro saya na lang ang buhay sa piling ni Gab na ngayon ay apat na taong gulang na. Hindi nila inasahan na kasabay ng pagkamulat ng murang isipan ni Gab ay ang pagdating ng mga problema. Paano nila haharapin ang tunay na ama ni Gab na nagbabantang...

  • Triple X
    60.9K 2.4K 44

    [BoyXBoy|Yaoi] ~Triple X~ Sa tatlong magkakapatid na maagang sinubok ng buhay, naulila at nauwi sa isang bahay ampunan. Lumaki mang hindi salat sa pagmamahal at pag-aalaga ay ano pa nga ba ang maaaring makapagdulot sa magkakapatid para maghiwalay. Ano ang maaaring magdulot sa isang kapatid ang ipahamak ang kapatid nit...

  • THE MICHAEL DIARIES (the series)(R18)
    643K 6.5K 53

    Season 1 - COMPLETED - A timeless and never ending love story of Michael Alexander Muraoka and Michael Angelo Tan. ----- "Michael Diaries had a very big impact pagdating sa Lovelife ko. Siyempre kung sawi kana and feeling mo wala ng true love basahin mo lng ng seryoso ang Michael Diaries sigurado ako papatibok niyan...

  • Tonight, I Gave In [Under Major Revision] Don't Read Yet
    35.1K 592 37

    Tonight, all she did was to gave in... WARNING! Contains GRAPHIC SEX SCENE WHICH NOT SUITABLE FOR 18 below individuals!!!

  • Erotica Collection
    9.6M 51K 135

    Irresistible temptation awaits you.

  • My Bodyguard, My Lover
    426K 13K 50

    HIGHEST RANK: #99 in boyxboy #9 in bromance #5 in tagalogbxb Mark Andrew de Ayala is one of the world's most Elite Bachelor and the youngest and only son of the country's most richest man na si Mr. Mario de Ayala. Si Mark Andrew ay isang mestiso at gwapong binata na sa edad na 21 ay super rich, because the only heir...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Rebellious Heir (COMPLETED)
    89.8K 4K 43

    [Chavez Series #2] Lahat ng kamalian sa kanilang mansion ay sa kanya isinisisi. Lahat ng mata ay nakabantay sa kanya. Daig pa ang CCTV camera sa loob ng mansion. Lumaking basag-ulo at sunod sa layaw si Sebastian Chavez. Lahat ng gustuhin niya ay lagi niyang nakukuha. Isang pitik niya lang... kusa ng lalapit sa kanya...

  • The Red-Eyed Girl
    2.4K 162 34

    Meet Ice Crest, Mira Cross at Raven Rei Hunter. Ang tatlong teenager na tinaguriang kakaiba sa lahat. They possess such abilities and talents which a normal one don't have. But aside from having an almost perfect life,they discovered something that changed their lives. Their lives are filled with lies, secrets and mys...

  • Cost A Life
    657 8 5

    One man. Eight lives. Nothing's fair in this world. Use and be used. Kind hearts are left with no choice. You'll have to make painful decisions for the better. For the better that'll make you destroy yourself. Forever.

  • GZ 3: Shotgun Marriage! (BxB)
    92.2K 6K 60

    Blue ( Aoi ) fell to a man like him at his sixteen years of age. But this man ( ADAM ) broke his heart. Pinatay nito ang kaibigan niyang si Jae, para ipalit ang puso nito sa puso niyang naglagay sa kanya sa bingit ng kamatayan. Hindi niya 'to mapapatawad kaya naman nilimot niya ang pagmamahal dito at inisip na nagkam...

  • Oh Boy, He Got A Phone! [BoyxBoy]
    59.5K 4.1K 14

    This is a sequel to Callboy, No Phone!

  • The Demon's Slave (COMPLETED)
    438K 7.3K 39

    A slave that turned to be the one who destined to Callis Saavedra. Meet Krystal, the girl who will tamed Callis. Find out what will happen to their life! Callis and Krystal ❤ [COMPLETED] (FIRST GENERATION) --------------- ©2016 by: RHEAlisticFantasy

    Completed   Mature
  • Psychologically Sex addict(Rave+Kaye) NOT EDITED
    1.4M 25K 35

    Maganda, sexy at mayaman pero bigla na lang nagipit ang company nila kaya ipinakasal siya ng parents sa isang sikat na NERD sa school nila... Pero, paano kung ma discover niya na ang NERD na asawa niya ay isa palang ASIA'S TOP MODEL na kinababaliwan ng kababaihan? Makakaya ba niyang iwan ito gayong ginawa siya ng asaw...

    Completed   Mature
  • Angel
    147 7 3

    Isa lang akong simpleng tao, tumatawa, umiiyak, nasasaktan at nagmamahal... Isang taong nagmahal ng kaibigan at swerteng maituturing dahil sinuklian nya din ang pagmamahal ko sa kanya... Masaya kami.. Ngunit isang pangyayari ang sumira ng lahat.. Isang pangyayari na naging dahilan ng pagkawala nya sa piling ko.. sa bu...