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  • Show Me
    363K 16.4K 37

    Adrian is not the type to play games with yet it seems that's all people want to do. Sweetheart turned savage.

    Completed   Mature
  • Upscale In The Hood
    74.6K 4.4K 21

    Sequel to Southside Affiliated

  • Love Hurts (Lesbian Story) -Completed-[Editing]
    273K 10K 39

    In this drama packed, lesbian book, the main character, a stud named Rahjaé, has a lot to juggle in her crazy life. Because of her undoubtedly horrible past, she struggles with anger and trust issues and with her mother's health taking a turn for the worst, theres no telling how she will keep it together. Having all t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tomboy Love
    393K 15.7K 37

    So many options. So many decisions. With a deadline and love on the line, what could be the right choice?

  • V Card: The Marriage Plan (completed)
    162K 8.5K 21

    (studxstud) When should a stud lose her virginity? This question crosses the mind of Bre. Venturing into the world of stud on stud couples, she is simply curious. Questions like who's top? Or, who's bottom? Questions like these cross her mind on late nights alone. Not that she'll ever admit it. She's about to figure...

  • Deadly
    42.6K 1.8K 18

    Lesbian drama.

  • G4L.
    8.2K 515 14

    Lin & Dee comes from the rough parts of New Jersey. They're best friends and just trying to make it to the top. Things get hectic, Lin struggles with her passion of art but doesn't plan to give up. Romance is thrown her way constantly but she is afraid of commitment. Dee is too afraid of leaving her hometown but wants...

  • The Life (StudxStud)
    202K 7.4K 27

    Maira Is 23, Single, Independent, And Needs Nobody. She Was Raised In The Roughest Neighborhood In The Bronx. She's Been Gay For As Long As She Can Remember And Has Always Been Attracted To Studs, Peep This..She's A Stud Herself. Gee Comes Along But Has Never Been Attracted To Studs In Anyway Shape Or Form But All Tha...

  • Poetic Lies
    6K 310 7

    Suicidal love or homicidal words?