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  • Kellic Oneshots
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    A series of Kellic oneshots based on original prompts or ideas suggested by you guys! If you want a oneshot based off of inr of your prompts, just DM me and I'll tag you when I write and post it!

  • You're The One Who Shot Me
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    Kellin and Vic's wedding was coming up. No gang was having problems with anyone else. Their wedding was in a week. Kellin was excited to finally be a Fuentes and his kids grew each day. His relationship with Vic was going amazingly and he had never felt better than with Vic. But on the day of their wedding day, a new...

  • Assistants and Dearest ▸▸ Kellic
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  • Don't You Ever Forget About Me. (Kellic) (BoyxBoy)
    37.3K 1.8K 38

    It has been four years since Vic Fuentes has last seen his ex-boyfriend, Kellin Quinn. Vic left Kellin without a notice, just a slip of paper saying a simple goodbye. Little does Kellin know Vic has a reason he left Kellin in his despair. After the breakup Kellin has been beating himself up thinking he caused Vic to l...

  • Deadly Affairs (Kellic)
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    Vic, a serial killer who likes to look at it as a hobby stumbles upon a loner, Kellin. He plans on killing him but soon finds himself in a compromising situation when Kellin wants to kill himself but Vic ends up saving him and they fall for each other.

  • I Don't Give A Shit Sir (Kellic)
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    Kellin Quinn is a new student in a boarding school, his eyes set on his attractive english teacher Vic Fuentes.

  • What If I can't forget you? (A Kellic Fanfiction)
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    'Stop it. Stop the voices, stop the noise, please. I pleaded to my own head. Please. It was killing me. I felt like I was going to pass out. I was confused and distraught, but at the same time, empty. I opened my eyes to look down at the ground, a force was pulling me forward over the rails. I smelt the air, and felt...

  • Please Be My New Memories | Kellic
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    'That darkness that swallows you.. I'll replace it with my own light.' My life is based on Music and Art. That's what makes me happy, he makes me happy too but who is he? How can I know who he is when I don't even know who I am? That's something to know about me, I have no past. Vic Fuentes lost his memories due to an...

  • Free Now // Kellic
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    Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens are on tour together. Vic and Kellin are best friends, but what happens when Vic reveals Kellin his biggest secret? Will everything change for the better or the worse?

  • Pray The Gay Away | Kellic (boyxboy)
    15K 929 5

    Kellin had always hidden the fact that he likes boys from his parents, and for good reason. After accidentally being outed in the worse possible way, he is sent to a religious, all boys boarding school where they truly believe God, himself is going to scare Kellin straight again. Of course it's a great idea to be sen...