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  • Lucy's Secret: Dragon Born [Fairy Tail NaLu]
    197K 7.9K 14

    After coming back from a mission with Team Natsu, Lucy feels helpless. Waiting for her at the guild are 2 strangers, who both want something from her. After Natsu says some hurtful things to Lucy, she runs of into the forest. In the forest, she finds out an incredible secret from her past that changes everything.

  • Fairy Tail Beach [Nalu, Jerza, Gale, Gruvia Fanfic]
    3.7M 103K 58

    After the Grand Magic Games, the guild heads back to Fairy Tail as number one! But to their surprise, Master Makarov has a special present for his wizards. A trip to a beach resort! The entire guild is pumped for the trip, especially a few mages. As well as a certain white haired matchmaker. Will love find it's way d...

  • Land of the Ashen: A Dark Fairy Tail
    61.8K 3.6K 38

    **************************************** Magnolia is at war, all the people are starving and live in tiny, cold huts. Many are dying. Only the rich are safe, but they don't have any care of their kingdom. Fiore used to be a land filled with magic, joy and beautiful guilds. But now they are all gone and all that is lef...