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  • strange love - n.h.
    357K 7.8K 37

    Molly Winter is working hard to earn money for her art studies. Even with her troubled family and dark future prospects she stays optimistic. One very early foggy morning in London everything changes. Her path of life crosses the Irish boy band member Niall Horan's, who seems to be her very own 'Irish Guardian Ange...

  • Abandoned; Louis Tomlinson story!
    19.9K 347 9

    Liam finds his sister, Alex, whom he hasn't seen in ten years.. Alex and her little sister Mary live with their abusive father when Liam and the boys show up.. Alex won't open up to Liam, but maybe a certain carrot-loving boy can convince her to open up to him.

  • Our Fairy Tale [Niall Horan Romance]
    1.9M 29.6K 21

    Eighteen year old Lacey has had enough heartbreak to last a lifetime. It seems she always chooses the worst guys, but she somehow managed to choose the best guy as a best friend - Niall Horan. Along with his new stardom, Lacey has become friends with his new four band mates. Niall has a secret, though, that only he an...

  • Who needs Luck? (1D FanFiction) Sequel to Your Good Luck Charm
    5.4M 42.2K 50

    The Sequel to Your Good luck charm, What really happened over that Summer? What is Lucy hiding? Something changed, something big. But unknown to all, something far, far worse is about to happen to all of them. To someone they love dearly.

  • Your Good Luck Charm (One Direction) Part One
    6M 44.1K 37

    One Direction, One Direction, One Direction.. That's all some girls think. But not Lucy, She's to interested in, well... anything else. She's just living perfectly conntent when Harry comes back into her life, bringing along four new friends. Little does she know... that these friends change everything. Warning: The...

  • I'm no average girl: I'm Different (A Louis Tomlinson Love Story)
    380K 2K 36

    (COMPLETED) Gemma was the one who was bullied by everyone. Her confidence never shone bright. Not until he came into her life. He made her feel a different person, better about herself. When life is all going well and she finally begins to trust again their relationship takes a turn for the worst leaving her with ques...

  • Broken (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)
    11.8M 184K 32

    **WILL SOON BE UNDERGOING EXTREME EDITING** *FIRST BOOK IN THE "BROKEN" TRILOGY* I looked in my step-father's eyes for a brief second and he was enraged. He looked absolutely crazy, and his look expressed the desire to kill. In less than three seconds, I knew what my fate would be. I was going to die. Ariella Rayne...

  • More Than This // Louis Tomlinson
    4.4M 52.6K 23

    Megan Payne is Liam Payne's younger sister. Yes, the Liam Payne of One Direction. Sounds pretty cool, right? Not exactly. She's never even met her brother. He doesn't even know she exists. Her life without her brother was hard. Maybe if Liam didn't audition for the X Factor and left her alone, her step father wouldn't...

  • Lights, Cameras, & Harry Styles
    8.8M 129K 75

    "Harry Styles will be playing your love interest." Those were the words Amber dreaded to hear. With a lot of bad history between them, the last thing they want to do is be around each other. But in order to make this movie, they need to at least get along. What will happen when they're forced to share an apartment tog...

  • Forever and Always (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)
    3.1M 31.3K 29

    "To tell the truth, just talking aloud soothes me. Maybe it's because telling these stories is like reliving those breathtaking moments. Or maybe because it reassures me that I won't ever forget them. To me, making sure these memories stay alive means Harry will, too."