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  • Callous
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    He looked at me with hatred evident in his dark orbs. "Don't you EVER touch me again", he growled, grabbing at my arm on his shoulder and throwing it off himself, "or i swear i'll do something i'll never regret." "I-Im s-orry." I choked, silent tears running my cheeks, i bit my trembling lips to stop myself from the s...

  • Kidnapped By My Mate
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    17 year old Stacy moved from London to America after her mother died from cancer but her father couldn't take the pain so they had to move. But Stacy gets herself in trouble after she meets the alpha of the blood moon pack. ******************* Jason has been waiting for his mate for a very long time so when he see's S...

  • The Alphas Heart
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    Tina was always a loving child, she helped her parents in the bad times and loved taking care of herself. when ever you look at her she looks happy and so innocent but inside she is hurting she cries at night and her heart feels numb. But when she meets her mate things start to better, she never trust anyone but her m...