• Larry Mature BxB One Shots Book 2
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    These are all mature Larry one shots, if you dont like that dont read it. None of these are mine and if you own them and want credit or want them removed just message me and ill fix it

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  • Zarry
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  • My One Shots (Zarry, Niam And Lilo)
    • ZarryOTP
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    • Updated May 03, 2014 08:22PM
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    Hey there! So, this is a collection of one shots written by me! You can send me prompts at any moment! Rules: Do not send straight prompts. I only write Zarry, Niam and Lilo. And please, for God's sake, make it clear so I get exactly what you want me to write. PS: Some of the one shots here were rated Restricted by...

  • 1D BoyxBoy One Shots:D
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    Five boys. Four you. Three? No, two writers. One Direction. ;) ♥