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  • There's More to What Meets the Eye
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    Hello, Welcome to my story! and for the ones that have already saw the first temp of this project and saw it glitched I'm still very sorry ;w; The story is about a girl who wakes up not remembering anything. She goes on this adventure with Steve, Alex, and others to find out who she is, or WHAT she really is.

  • Art
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    Some of my art (old and new)

  • YouTubers Oneshots - Everyday is Different
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    Don't like? Don't read. * Might contain some smuts/lemons ( it will be tagged in title) * Sorry for grammar or other mistakes- English isn't my main language! * The one shots will be about: -Markiplier - Jacksepticeye - Pewds (Felix) Have fun on reading😏💙

  • Best YaoiFansOnly Videos! ((In my opinion))
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    Do you like Yaoi? Are you a fan of sin\smut\NSFW? Well, guess what! Thus book is for you! YaoiFansOnly is a youtube channel dedicated to Smut and a little bit of fluff. From Septipler to Jelix to Phan, her channel has every fandom smut you'll ever need! So, join me and Yaoi's Journey into the world of sin.

  • YouTube Smut-Shots
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    Really just whatever I want to put out there.