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  • Pushing Through the Ruins***(ON HOLD)
    2.6K 67 10

    Young Abigail Davis, seems to be your typical teenager from the outside. Though you mustn’t judge a book by it’s cover, for she is vastly troubled. Her life is on a fast way track down to the deepest crevices of hell. However, on the brink of the worst she is astonished to find out why her life is so troubled. She enc...

  • Dirty Little Secret
    6.4K 149 12

    No secret is safe at Browning High School. Not with Seth Adams lurking the halls. He knows everyone's secret and isn't afraid to use it against them, he sells each of his secrets to people who are willing to pay the price but when one customer takes the secret he is given too far, a girl commits suicide. After hearin...