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  • Yes, Ms. Cabello. (Camila x You)
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    //teacher x student\\ (If you spot any mistakes, please let me know!) Up to twenty years in jail for statutory rape, and the disqualification from working with minors; that's what Camila could face if this got out, and she's sure it will. Everything gets out at some point, no matter how careful you are... - Proudest R...

  • Once Upon a Time x Reader One Shots
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    The first eleven chapters are going to be shorter because they're results for my OUAT Life quiz on Quotev. I decided, since I wrote the love stories, that I should post them here and on my other sites so people can enjoy them.

  • InHuman Life MB/S
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    my life

  • Teenage Posts
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    Just a bunch of random Teenage posts

  • I'll stay (darkiplier versus Markiplier, Markiplier x oc)
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    This is a Darkiplier Versus Markipler and a Markiplierxreader so I hope you enjoy!! Your name is Sierra you and Mark have been friends for a long time and dated in high school for 5 years then something happen making Mark into Dark and you wanted to stay but he wouldn't let you so you left then Mark calls to ask you s...

  • Your my mate!
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    Raven is a wolf and her mate is her teacher. She has loved her teacher for four years and her teacher has loved her for the same amount but Raven is determined to wait until her graduation but what will she do when her mate and her best friend find out she is a wolf before her last year of school starts?

  • When We Travel | Whouffaldi
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    When We Travel | Whouffaldi Doctor Who story! Missy and Jack Harkness are on a mission to bring the Doctor and Clara closer together. Ashildr and Jenny also help along the way. They face Zygons, Daleks and many more. Can the Doctor win Clara's heart, and can Clara win the Doctor's hearts? And will Danny succeed in bre...

  • Baby Bird (Mb's)
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