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  • Bad Boy Prince (Royals #2)
    7.4M 291K 40

    He's a Prince. She's a journalist. They have a complicated relationship. More like he's into her but she hates his guts. He needs to behave. She needs to let loose. He's interested in her because she's the last girl interested in him. Both of them need to change and they might be exactly what the other needs. Or not...

  • The Royal Bond
    12.7M 420K 51

    I hated the higher up packs for fact that they got to live in luxury while your average, run of the mill wolves were deemed low and left to fend for themselves. I just wanted the best for my family, and I prayed we'd get accepted into a pack, not caring which it was. They say fate works in mysterious ways, and let's j...

  • Ivar Ragnarsson Imagines
    563K 17.5K 161

    Imagines from my Tumblr account

    1.1M 20.6K 84

    Vikings imagines from season 1-4, mostly imagines with the sons of Ragnar. *Under edit* [book 1 of 2] highest rank in Fanfiction #223 ivarhoegh © 2017

  • 🍪Cookie Boy🍪(phan/BXB)
    54.4K 1.4K 18

    Phil hates working at his uncles bakery and makes Dan special cookies to pass time. CGL!DDLB! PASTEL!DAN DADDY!PHIL LITTLE!DAN

  • txting the fanboy ; muke
    24.4K 1.2K 9

    "Daddylh: hey princess I miss you" "Babygirlmgc: Uhm who the fuck is this?" "Daddylh: oh sorry I thought I was texting my girlfriend" ; where Michael is a fanboy and doesn't know he's talking to his idol fem! Michael fanboy! Michael famous! Luke ; has slight larzylea *shiver hurl* ; ; kik, book one in social media se...