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  • ripples // teen wolf [2]
    84.4K 4.4K 13

    "All it takes from you is a single drop of water to send ripples throughout me, and yet you've hit me with a tidal wave." "You've pulled me under into your depths, and now I am drowning in you and I don't even seem to mind." "Your eyes are made of hurricanes and every second I spend away from you is like an eternity i...

  • The Alpha and the Beta ▷ Liam Dunbar
    17K 305 14

    Skye McCall is Scott's little sister, after all the supernatural things that happened in the lasts years, Her and her brother becoming werewolves then turning into Alphas, Jackson being a Kanima, Peter coming back from death, Kitsunes, Were coyotes, Stiles Evil Spirit Possession, Isaac leaving, Allison's death and Der...

    Completed   Mature
  • Recovery ◦ Scott McCall
    459K 5.1K 4

    "Hey, Deputy. I'm totally into the handcuffs and everything, but would you mind letting me out?" Kayla Dunbar has a real bad habit of getting into trouble. Turns out, she wasn't as bad as her little brother. Season Four of TW. All Rights Reserved © Copyright 2019 | vividparacosm

  • weightless / teen wolf
    305K 13.7K 32

    "I like to come out here when I feel heavy with a conflict in my life" "floating through the water like that, giving up control and letting the waves control where you go, has a way of calming you." "It feels like you're letting the sea take your troubles from you for a little while, like you become...

  • Love at First Sight ( DerekHale/Teenwolf fan fiction )
    270K 6.8K 34

    Jenna McCall is a shy 17 year old. Complete opposite from her brother Scott McCall. Jenna and Scott always had a strong relationship and never fought like regular siblings would and never lie to each other. Until one night when Scott changes and now is never really home and when he is always yells and is mad about som...

  • Tears of an Angel || Isaac Lahey ☽
    167K 4.1K 47

    Scarlett Lynne Ryder was new to Beacon Hills and she seemed like an ordinary girl. But she was more than ordinary. In fact, she was an angel with magical powers. One day she happened to cross paths with Isaac Lahey, but little did she know that Isaac was a werewolf. They both tried their very best to keep their bigges...

  • Crystal Clear ➣ S. McCall[1]
    867K 23.9K 26

    ❝Every time they touch; A fire begins to burn❞ I should've never asked Lydia Martin for her crystal in chemistry class. I wouldn't have to deal with the unrequited love for Scott McCall or Derek's pack nagging me to no end. Everything would be normal. But it seems like normals never gonna happen in a place like Beacon...

  • Love Bites ▷ Isaac Lahey [1]
    72.6K 1.8K 16

    Violet Argent, Allison's cousin arrives after her parents died in a car accident. She moved in with Allison and she gets into Beacon Hills High School where she meets Scott, Lydia, Stiles, Jackson and Isaac. A guy with a bad boy attitude that has always caught Violet's attention. Violet just as Allison's parents...

    Completed   Mature
  • dark secrets ▸ liam dunbar [2]
    69K 2K 41

    After a surprisingly uneventful summer, Emma Stilinski, Liam Dunbar, and Mason Hewitt are returning to Beacon Hills High School for their sophomore year. Now that the Benefactor is no longer a threat, the dead pool has been destroyed, and the power-hungry Peter Hale is seemingly out of their lives for good, it finally...

  • New Again (Teen Wolf)
    270K 9.4K 23

    Dakota Beckett is ever the optimistic. She strongly believes that everything happens for a reason, even if she does not know what that reason is. When her whole world comes crashing down around her, literally, she still manages to think positively and keep a good head on her shoulders. Life is all about moving forward...

  • Paging Bilinski | Stilinski [1] (ON HOLD)
    51.3K 1.1K 34

    Cierra Whittmore is Jackson Whittmore's adoptive sister, same age, yet she is more of a bitch to people, than a dick. As soon as Allison Argent comes to town, she gains a crush on a certain buzz-cut boy, whilst attempting to fight off an Alpha werewolf. Who is the Alpha? Will she win the heart of a certain buzz-cut, s...

  • Holding On to You » Isaac Lahey
    277K 8.4K 62

    "And I'll be holding on to you."

  • the beta's anchor ▸ liam dunbar [1]
    325K 8K 29

    Seven years ago, Emma Stilinki's mother died of frontotemporal dementia and her life was turned upside down. With high funeral costs as well as his time-consuming job as county sheriff, Emma's father just couldn't afford to raise both of his children on his own - so at just eight years old, she was shipped off to Nev...

  • Another McCall
    5.5K 74 32

    Leah McCall is Scott McCall's younger sister. She is a freshman in Beacon Hills High, and so far it is turning out to be a wonderful experience! She knows everything about Scott and his friends, and she has great life. Things could not be better! However, a twist of events takes place. One night Leah is caught alone...

  • Bad Vibes//Teen Wolf
    153K 6.2K 72

    "Great not only have we dealt with Peters psycho killing spree, homicidal lizards, now we have to deal with an alpha pack. Just perfect." "We'll survive." "You say that now Scott, but I have a bad feeling this time." (Book 3:Sequel to Moving On) Under Heavy Editing COMPLETELY

    Completed   Mature
  • She's The One //Teen Wolf
    229K 8.8K 47

    "You said you loved me, I said I loved you back. What happened to that?" "Power. You don't need love when you have power." COMPLETED

    Completed   Mature
  • Moving On // Teen Wolf
    128K 4.9K 39

    "I miss you." "I've moved on. You should too." (Book Two) Sequel to She's the One COMPLETED

  • Endgame » Stiles Stilinski [REWRITING]
    223K 6.9K 16

    Mia Ramirez grew up with her two best friends, Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski. The three were inseparable. It was rare to see them without one another. In fact, people who knew them began referring to the group as The Three Musketeers. The trio did almost everything together. So when Mia was forced to move away wit...

  • Something About Me // Teen Wolf [BOOK 3] [COMPLETED]
    23.2K 1.3K 62

    Erica and Boyd are missing, people are once again dying. A new pack has come to town. An alpha pack. Which means, a lot of trouble. But that's not the only problem, an evil druid has decided to ritually sacrifice people for an unknown cause. But in order to get rid of said druid, the gang has to make a sacrifice of t...

  • Something About You // Teen Wolf [BOOK 1] [COMPLETED]
    38.8K 1.2K 34

    Samantha McCall. That's my name, incase you hadn't noticed. I'm about the size of your average hobbit. I have raven black hair that hangs in wavy curls all the way down to my lower back. I live a semi- normal life I guess. My mothers works as a nurse, I have an annoying twin brother. I have a semi-normal amount of fri...

  • Something About Us // Teen Wolf [BOOK 2] [COMPLETED]
    21.3K 890 41

    Peter Hale is dead. (Finally.) Lydia Martin was bitten but is not a werewolf and also not dead. Derek Hale is now the alpha, not sure if that's a good thing though... And Samantha McCall is in love. Nothing will ever be the same in Beacon Hills, they all know that. But no one was prepared for Derek opening a kinde...

  • Something About Him // Teen Wolf [Book 4] [COMPLETED]
    12K 536 34

    Two months after the tragic loss of Allison and Aiden, the gang enters a new semester of school. This time with more human worries than supernatural. A new gang member, Malia, is still trying to integrade into society. And Sam is trying to figure out what to do with her relationship. An old friend has come back to tow...

  • The Shadows Within 》Teen Wolf (Shadow Series #2)
    267K 10.1K 20

    (Sequel to In The Shadows) After the traumatizing events that happen to be casual in the Argent family, Clara is faced with the unsettling disapproval from her kinsfolk. With handy wolf man Derek Hale on her side, facing the new creature of the town can't seem to hard, despite the raging war at home. ...

  • Out of The Shadows (Shadow Series #3)
    194K 8.8K 20

    (The third book to In The Shadows) Clara Argent has returned back to Beacon Hills after being gone for half a year. She's here for one reason and one reason only, to protect everyone and her friends from the supernatural. Clara knows all about what has happened since she has been gone. As much as Clara would like to k...

  • Scott's Little Sister (Stiles Stilinski story)
    175K 3.2K 22

    Meet Kylie Mccall sister of Scott Mccall and friends with Stiles Stilinski. They had normal lifes but everything changed the night before sophmore year. Read to find out more. *season 1*

  • One and Only (Scott McCall FanFic)
    81.5K 1.5K 27

    In the small town of Beacon Hills, there are things in the woods to actually fear. During the day, the guys' are sexy, at night, they're howling wolves. What happens when Gemma Hart moves in, changing the way Scott McCall views the world, and completely mesmerizing him? Will they be able to keep a new relationship g...

  • Grabbing the Pieces [Scott McCall fanfic]
    16.2K 416 20

    After going through hell and back, Lilian Gale wasn't ready to give up. She goes to school, pretending nothing happened even if she still has to face her attacker everyday. She tries to forget that he visits her and leaves bruises, but it's hard to when it happens almost every night. After a while however, the boy she...

  • Special (Scott McCall)
    154K 3.5K 41

    Carter doesn't know what she's getting into when she moves to Beacon Hills and meets a well known cute boy named Scott McCall. (Slow Updates)

  • A New Moon (Crescent Moon Prequel #1. Teen Wolf Fanfic)
    29.9K 849 9

    Scarlett Martin is having trouble sorting out her priorities. When she skips a few grades due to having too high an IQ, she thinks that her only friend is going to be her popular sister, Lydia Martin, and that the next few years were going to be the most boring years of her life. But when one of her new classmates sta...

  • Crescent Moon (Teen Wolf/Liam Dunbar Fanfiction)
    966K 19.5K 38

    Let's be real, here. If Scarlett Martin wasn't around, Scott and their friends would already be dead. Scarlett's ridiculously smart, mildly charismatic and badass (if she does say so herself). But she's human and proud. When her name pops up in the Deadpool, a hitlist of supernatural creatures, she has to consider som...