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  • Lord Beast
    313K 5.6K 28

    An adaptation to the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast", Rhys Ashcroft is vain and arrogant until a near-fatal accident brutally maims his features. Presumed dead, Rhys resides alone in Falmouth Castle, away from society which was just the way he preferred. Enter Danielle Carmichael: a curious country miss who is drawn...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love, Bitterly Sweet
    156K 1.9K 10

    Lily is the only daughter and the youngest child of a powerful Alpha couple. She's a bit of a worrywart but also a prankster, an odd combination that stems from the fact that she's restless because she wants to find her mate. Meanwhile, Lily has an ability that makes her valuable in the eyes of anyone greedy enough to...

  • The Draykon Series (1-3)
    1.7M 19K 105

    A sweeping epic fantasy series full of mystery and adventure, rare jewels and mythical creatures. Ancient legends don't come back to life. Until they do... The vast, winged draykoni once ruled the skies of the Seven Realms, uncontested and unstoppable - so the stories say. But they are only tales. Aren't they? A shy...

  • The Ghost Tiger's Lament
    562K 2.7K 26

    As a child, Ashne swore two oaths. With her adopted sister Zsaran she made a pact: one would never die without the other. To their mistress, the queen, who plucked them both out of the inhospitable marshlands, she vowed eternal loyalty. When a tiger spirit from a rival kingdom kidnaps the queen's only daughter, Ashne...

  • The Awakening
    3K 92 19

    Cover by Mystery Magic. In the 6 years that Thomas had been a Hunter, this one assignment was probably the easiest sounding to the 18-year-old boy. It seemed simple, grab and go, she didn't even seem all that dangerous. But kidnapping Katherine Neelson may have been the most dangerous thing he has done. Thom...