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  • The Love of the High King (Peter Pevensie/Chronicles of Narnia AU)
    8K 520 7

    Adelaide Addington had a mundane life for a sixteen year old girl. She studied hard, kept her head down, stayed quiet, and had a solid, longtime friendship with her next door neighbor, Susan Pevensie. The two girls rarely hid anything from each other, always gossiping and giggling quietly under their breath, but there...

  • Harry Styles Imagines
    82.3K 3K 14

    Collection of Harry Styles Imagines by: Mrbieberswifey. Enjoy. x

  • Faline
    899K 35.9K 21

    Innocent Sweet Ethereal Shy Runt Omega Faline This is the story of a weak, innocent, young woman who took every bad thing life threw at her and, despite the odds, became a powerful queen instead.

  • The Boxer's Kitten (hs au)
    3.7M 112K 68

    Harry Styles was known to be ruthless, merciless, and tough in the ring. He basically lived at the gym, always there, training and working hard to defeat his next opponent. After being too old to stay at the orphanage, Harry was sent packing to live and survive on his own. Harry was smart, very smart actually, but sin...

  • Imbroglio // h.s au
    76.1K 4.4K 7

    Imbroglio (noun): an extremely confused, complicated, or embarrassing situation. Being the town freak and psychopath, Harry Styles always had it hard. Being the leader's son made it even worse. His home planet, Agrolea, was plagued with war and poverty, yet the people thrived only due them waiting for their soulmates...

  • Little Strength (Sequel to Daddy's Girl DDLG)
    5.5M 166K 75

    With her fate back in the hands of her old, evil, yet clever Master, Rosie fights to stay alive and strong. While her limits are being tested to the extreme, Justin searches high and low for his babygirl, the love of his life, before it's too late. With life testing their will, their love, and whatever little strengt...

    Completed   Mature
  • Daddy's Girl (DDLG)
    10.1M 191K 50

    CEO of Bieber Enterprises, Justin Bieber has been a well-respected, rich, daddy dom ever since he could remember. He was very well known in the DDLG community; practically famous. All daddy doms wanted to be like him and all babygirls wanted to be owned by him. He was 27 now and it seemed like all the babygirls just w...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alien (Justin Bieber Love Story)
    5.1M 142K 99

    He had disappeared again. "Justin?" I yelled out. Hearing a ruckus in the next isle over, I walk around. There Justin was, sitting on the floor, dipping strawberries into a carton of Nutella with it all over his face. Giggling, He looked up and offered me some. "R-really good." he said. "Oh Justin." I picked him up...

    Completed   Mature
  • Delicate Glass (Justin Bieber Love Story) #Wattys2015
    292K 14K 12

    Giselle Brooks has always been a shy, quiet, only child. Because of this, she doesn't have many friends and spends most of her time alone. When Giselle turns 16, her single mother decides to adopt another child so Giselle won't be so lonely while she is away traveling for her job. That is where 17 year old Justin Bieb...

  • Obsidian (Sequel to Alien) Jason McCann Love Story
    4.1M 90K 76

    Jason "The Devil" McCann was an Absidian. Juliet Rayne Bieber was a Hekoran. How does the trouble making, evil, and soldier race get mated with the purest, most innocent, and sweetest race? Absidians and Hekorans just don't mix. Jason McCann was Obsidian. He was the molten...

    Completed   Mature