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  • Love's Truce (Love Is War Family Scenarios)
    717 21 2

    This is a part two to Love Is War (TMNT/FNAF Leo X Reader X Raph). These are family scenarios with you, [turtle animatronic], and your kids! Enjoy!

  • Our New World. [ERERI]
    57K 2.9K 25

    Recently continued. •Reincarnation AU - ERERI• Levi and Eren show up in a new atmosphere, and a complete, new century. They don't know what a car is, or a cellular device. Hell, they don't even know English. The two of them set out in the new world, trying to live in America, learning English, learning how to drive...

  • DISCONTINUED!The Cursed Seas [ERERI]
    7.1K 344 4

    !DISCONTINUED! Pirate Levi Ackerman is Captain of the ship of The Cursed Maria. Him and his crew are one of the most heard of pirates, and others try their best to stay of their way. That is, of course, Eren Jaeger doesn't bother with that. Eren is a scrawny thief, with only two daggers at hand. When him and his small...

  • The Divorced Neighbors. [REWRITING]
    281K 1.2K 12

    Eren Jaeger, a Divorced single father of his three year old son, Hunter. Eren is a busy man, works full time trying to support his young son. While battling the new challenge of being both a mother and father all at once while still trying to be financially stable to care for his young one. Levi Ackerman, also a Divo...

  • Emo love (Ciel/Sebastian x emo reader)
    40.3K 1.1K 30

    Ciel and his butler Sebastian gets sucked threw time travel and gets stuck in the 20th century. Here they meet a girl who will effect their decision on going back home or staying with the beautiful emo girl.

  • Anger Brought Us Together. [ERERI/RIREN]
    324K 14.4K 31

    It's obvious. Levi has some issues. Anger issues, that is. His mom feels like it needs to be noted, and fix it. And of course, Levi's mother decides to send him to a Group Therapy to talk to people about it, to try to help. What teenager would enjoy that? Obviously, you'd think Levi would hate it. But what if he actua...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beyond The Walls (Levi x Reader)(Complete)
    745K 21.5K 18

    Beyond the walls there was a girl(you),she didn't bother to go in there thinking that the people in there are all to scared to come and face to face with the titans,This girl has abilities not even a titan-shifter has,However when she gets discovered will she meet her one and only true love? Or will this end all in he...

  • Bird in a cage [Levi x Reader]
    792K 30.4K 39

    This is a story that goes a little diffrent than other levi x readers

  • Levi x Reader One-Shots
    3M 54.7K 43

    Simple Levi x Reader one-shots! Note: Most of these are directed towards Levi x (Female) Reader, but I can write yaoi if requested! (F/N)= First Name, (L/N)= Last Name, (Full/N)= Full Name, (e/c)= eye color, (h/c)= hair color.

  • Soul x reader x death the kid x blackstar
    281K 8.5K 47

    This is my 2/1st all 3 boys of soul eater x reader so i hope ya enjoy!

  • symmetry is cool
    5.8K 316 19

    i love my fans so thank you for reading this is my first xreader so sorry

  • woke up in a good dream Natsu x OC ON HOLD
    11.9K 461 9

    you end up in fairy tail running into every one in the guild as you slowly figure out that you have magic too, as well as a pretty major major crush...

  • Best Friend [Natsu x Reader] (ON HOLD)
    185K 5.8K 18

    [Natsu x Reader] - (Y/N) is an elemental dragon slayer, which means she controls all the 4 main elements - water, fire, earth and air. But there's one problem - she can't properly control her power/magic. Sometimes it backfires. (Y/N) has always been an orphan ever since she could remember. At age 5, she was found by...

  • If You Were In Fairy Tail [Natsu X Reader]
    7.6K 267 5

    When you were young, you had been abducted and had been a specimen for experiments. All kinds of drugs were buried inside your body. All of it seemed to only cause mild distinct expressions, when suddenly, a certain drug reacts differently to your body and suddenly, you can make crystals with your fingers.

  • Fairy Tail Natsu x Reader •Sorrows of Yesterday•
    822K 25.2K 35

    I ran. I ran for a long time. I'm tired, I want to rest. But if I stop, they will get me. They will kill me. And everyone else around me. But it's stupid, I'm stupid. I'm running even though I know the monsters are not chasing me. I'm running even though I know, The monsters live inside of me. Then it dawned me, I...

  • Our Love Story [Gray X Reader]
    689K 21.8K 31

    This story is for all those Gray Fans! Put your hands in the air if you like Boys who strips without noticing, has ice magic, and has a kind heart? Well lets read about it in the story! Aye sir! ©Do Not copy my stories, if you do you will be reported immediately I Do Not Own Fairy Tail

  • Attack on Titan/One Shots[Complete]
    8.8K 161 36

    AOT Oneshots!!! Requests are always open

  • Ouran High School Host Club 7 minutes in heaven (Completed)
    231K 5K 8

    You were peacefully reading a book then I come up and snatch it. You hopelessly try to get it back but I just keep pulling it away :) The Hitachiin twins come along and I tell them to "Take you away". You go from reading a book to playing 7 minutes in heaven with the host club. Who will you choose? Find out >-<

  • Let's Play With Death (Soul Evans x Reader) ((DISCONTINUED))
    27.8K 938 25

    ***DISCONTINUED*** ***DISCONTINUED*** ***DISCONTINUED*** Life is cool. You live with your dad in a small town, and everything is good. Nothing is out of the ordinary. Well, until you and your dad have a quick chat about your dream school the Death Weapon Meister Acadamy. He makes the statement that you will soon be...

  • The Shark (Soul x Reader)
    1.4K 51 2

    I was forced to do this by Wattpad. Please continue to the story.

  • ohshc one shots
    3.2K 85 4

    just a bunch of ohshc one shots, I apologize now for any and all grammar mistakes. for the first couple there's gonna be a lot of tamaki one shots, because it's a Christmas present to my best friend. hope you enjoy :)

  • The Kishin's Daughter (Soul Eater)
    1.6K 52 2

    There was one girl who was less than thrilled when the news that the Kishin Asura had been defeated. In fact this girl was devastated. Angel of Death is Asura's daughter, and she wants revenge on Maka Alburn for murderering her father. She travels to Death City only to be surprised by the outcome. She becomes a studen...

  • Soul x Reader
    1.1K 20 1

  • We met over a piano. (Soul Evans x reader)
    1.4K 75 2

    You live playing the piano. You met a boy who does to. Will this be a happily ever after or a never ever after. (I tried so hard

  • Soul x Reader
    3.8K 93 1

    Another normal fanfic, enjoy! All Soul Eater characters belong to Soul Eater ^_^.

  • Summer's Outcast (Soul Evans x Reader)
    12.5K 430 7

    (Y/N) & her weapon Cynthia are the social outcasts of the school. Nobody really likes or cares for them, because they suck and their references make no sense to anyone else. Cynthia has a bad temper, and (Y/N) has a crush on Soul, who can't stand an uncool, strange girl like her. BUT, can the summer coming turn things...

  • Soul Eater Fanfiction - Curious Soul (Soul x Reader)
    1.7K 41 1

    You and your best friend; Kiyoki are two new students at Death Weapon Academy (DWMA). You aren't fond of the school at all and want to leave, after obtaining your schedule you see a guy in your class who interests you, named Soul (Eater) Evans, who's bad boy, laid back personality gives you another reason to stay... Y...

  • Watch My Heart Bleed [Soul Eater Evans x Reader]
    78.4K 1.6K 6

    Your the new girl at Death Weapon Meister Academy. Your quite the curious case, a weapon with no meister. You become fast friends with everyone, but what happens when you start to fall for Soul? Will he return your feelings? Will you ever find a meister? Does someone else have feelings for you? Is someone secretly plo...

  • Soul Eater EvansXReader: Together Again (part 3)
    15.7K 790 11

    Alrighty guys it's the third book yay. This story is about you and Soul together. I hope you guys love this one cause I think you might. Winky face ;)