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  • Book of Stuff
    3.7K 428 112

    Commissions, life problems, drawings, life in general, suggestions

  • The Canadian Assassin
    8.6K 566 43

    Mitch is an assassin, trained to kill without mercy or regret. But when he is given the job of taking out prince Jerome of the Baccas, he ends up having different plans

  • Forever in love (Phan and kickthestickz)
    1.3K 55 21

    Dan and Phil have just gotten married. Pj and Chris have just come out there in a relationships much to Pj's disliked they have argued and have not spoken in a while. what will happen with them and will they sort things out. Read this fanfiction to find out.

  • We are together
    12.7K 431 26

    Mitch is a 19 yr old wolf hybrid. Lost alone abandoned by his pack. But then he meets Jerome a man of the bac. Mitch thinks he's falling in love. When Jerome finds an adorable abandoned wolf hybrid and takes him home He thinks he's fallen in love But only time will tell

  • No Matter What
    1.4K 57 20

    Jake Wilson's death takes Victoria Angelo's life to another level. She vows to seek justice for him and aid him until her own time runs out. Will she be able to keep her promise? Cover was made by NightmareFantasy

    Completed   Mature
  • Letters to you [MEROME]
    1.5K 174 26

    "I pulled out the maroon object from the plastic bag I had. It was a journal." When Mitch decides to write down all his feelings for his best friend, what will happen to the two's relationship? Will Jerome feel the same way? Or will this little book tear them apart? ----[WARNING: Mentions of drug and alcohol abuse, s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Masky Love Story (original version)
    4.2K 80 5

    This is my little fantasy on what I was will happen to me, but I unfortunaly know that it won't!! :(

  • Clockwork: Your Time Is Up
    50.1K 715 1

    This is,of course, NOT my fan fiction. It's just the original story of Clockwork. You cannot find this on the Creepypasta website anymore so I'm gonna post the whole story on here.

  • Slenderman's Origin
    2.3K 112 1

    Origin of Slenderman.

  • Never Again
    1K 49 8

    Chloe Huges.. An average girl, until she gets kidnapped and horrible things happen, that will forever change her life. (OC story)

  • Last Year (A Sky Army FF)
    742 36 9

    [Description coming soon!] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --- ON HOLD---

  • Silvermoon Prophecy
    241K 9.8K 34

    Skylar Winters never felt wanted.She didn't feel like she belonged anywhere.When she is left on the doorstep of the elders house as a baby,they raise her as their own daughter.They feel the power radiating off her.They know she will do great things.Haunted by nightmares of a rogue attack where her best friend was take...

  • Empty Promises (Bloody Painter x Reader) [ORIGINAL]
    172K 4.7K 20

    When your life gets flipped upside down by one, very unusual boy

    Completed   Mature
  • My Twitching Mess (Ticci-Toby love story) #Wattys2015
    6.2K 329 17

    New house, new school, new life. When Becky moves to this small neighbourhood in America, after living in England all her life, she meets a boy by the name of "Ticci-Toby" and she spends most of her time at his house. His mother, his sister Lyra and his abusive father. But when Toby goes missing, how will she cope? Wi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ticci Toby and The Wolf
    9.8K 267 28

    We all know Ticci Toby, the strong evil killer. But when he meets Skay, a little girl, he cares for her. Toby found out she was a werewolf kid. It's a trouble taking care of her but he still loves her. Toby doesn't want her to be a bloodthirsty killer like him. But a horrible battle with fold and a heartbreaking endin...

  • Awoken (Sequel to Empty Promises)
    13.2K 592 20

    Alex's mother died when she was only a few months old, her father, Helen Otis, refuses to tell her why. When she finds out that she is the next Seer, how will she find life in the Slender Mansion?

    Completed   Mature