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  • Saving Eleanor | 1D
    9K 1.1K 40

    When a mysterious high school student, Eleanor Everest, is found lifeless inside her room with a bullet shot through her forehead, the city of San Francisco breaks into a mayhem. This attracts Liam Payne; a young, ambitious, and hard-working police officer who is only given his first task to find the truth behind her...

  • Deviant [H.S.]
    725K 25.4K 52

    [COMPLETED] It's 2031. In a country corrupted by its own government, every girl is assigned a Protector at age 17 until they are able to pursue life on their own. These Protectors have unique abilities, some more complex than others. Serena hates the idea of the Protector Core, and wants to be able to venture life o...

    Completed   Mature
  • He's a Keeper (Narry AU)
    185K 9.9K 56

    The good looking, cheeky Mr. Styles is playing in yet another movie. All his antagonists fall deeply in love with him while or after they recorded the movie, but this time it's different. Harry himself has never been in love and he is planning on keeping it that way. That's until a certain Niall Horan comes in the pi...

  • The Sexton House - Harry Styles * COMPLETED*
    1.5M 83.2K 54

    A young man by the name of Harry Styles decided to move into the old Sexton House on the end of Maple Grove, the house being known as 'haunted' by Anna Sexton. The young owner's daughter was struck by lightning in the attic over a hundred years ago and little did Harry know what he would find in the tower window... Th...

  • Walk the line
    287K 24.4K 40

    "Meine Theorie ist, dass es diese Wahnsinnsmomente gibt. Sie sind wie unglaubliche, intensive Lichtblitze, die unser Leben komplett auf den Kopf stellen und ausmachen, wer wir eigentlich sind." Als Nialls erster Wahnsinnsmoment eintritt, glaubt er an das trügerische Gefühl von Freiheit. Einen Atemzug später befindet...

  • Catch Me
    26K 1.2K 31

    Niall Horan, seen as the bad boy to everyone else who just wants to be loved. Hailey Brooks, the innocent girl who just wants to feel loved. This is their crazy story, one that goes to hell and back.

    Completed   Mature
  • Through The Dark || Niall Horan
    45.5K 1.9K 28

    Completed   Mature
  • Yellow.
    2.3M 114K 83

    Harry is a single autistic father, ready to prove his love for his little daughter and willing to break the ableist stereotypes placed on him. This is a heartwarming story, following Harry's growth while making friends and finding love through a common love for comics and milkshakes. Book 1 - Coloured Series.

  • Resolution
    22.6M 504K 91

    Resolution is the story of when a chemical, strictly-physical relationship evolves into something so heart-wrenchingly real that Harry and Halle's worlds are changed forever. If you want to feel, really feel, read it. WARNING: Extremely explicit sexuality. Please only read if you are comfortable with mature content...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Peppermint Tea Affair
    700K 44.5K 68

    Eleanor Calder, eine einfache Studentin, die sich in einem Teeladen etwas dazu verdient und es nicht leiden kann, wenn sich jemand vordrängelt. Louis Tomlinson, ein weltberühmter Sänger, der gern einen Tee trinkt und Eleanors Abneigung schnell genug zu spüren bekommt. ...

  • RED [ Erster Akt ]
    132K 11.6K 43

    Erster Akt | Rot, wie der Deal | Schritt eins, Respekt. "Du hast die Wahl, Liam." Als ich sie das erste Mal sah, da trug sie ein rotes Kleid. Es war wie ein Signal, dass ich mich absolut falsch entschieden hatte und mit jedem weiteren Schritt, den sie auf mich zu machte, verstärkte sich diese Vorahnung. Ich hatte nic...

    Completed   Mature
  • Commitments (Harry Styles AU)
    373K 18.3K 86

    She hated commitments. He hated her. But life doesn't give you everything according to your choices. And that's exactly what happened with them when they bumped into each other under the strangest circumstance and found themselves in the middle of a forced and indefinable complicated relationship. [Warning: Unedited...

  • Dead Flowers | H.S.
    161K 3.6K 41

    ©martomlin All rights reserved Dead Flowers January 2018 Updates Whenever I'm Happy With My Work - - In which a young man provokes a young woman's emotional, mental, and sexual awakening in 1971. - Jane is a young woman who walks through town lightly, hardly making a splash when she dives into the social pool. Yet...

  • Mute // hs.
    165K 4.1K 18

    When Harry Styles finds a girl in an alley way, he expects her to gush over his heroic rescue. But instead, she doesn't utter one word to him. Who is this mysterious girl, and why doesn't she talk? And most of all, what happened that dark night in the alley way?

  • Capture (A Liam AU)
    90.3K 4.4K 76

    [COMPLETED] You can't run forever, eventually you'll be captured. A dark past he's spent years running from threatens to swallow him whole after a simple knock on her door.

  • Blowing Smoke (Harry Styles)
    267K 6.1K 94

    Monreau Swanson lived a simple life working at a mechanic's shop, but an unexpected visitor to her shop sparks her interest, Harry Styles. She slowly gets more involved with his life until she finds herself stuck in his gang life and she becomes part of it. Will Monreau keep strong? Or will she break? She claims she's...

    Completed   Mature
  • dissolve. nh
    142K 4.1K 41

    dissolve is a story about niall horan, professional boxer and popular player, who seems to have his eye on someone: bleu rochester. but bleu wasn't ready to be in a relationship with another man after what had happened with her last boyfriend. will that stop niall horan, or encourage him? copyright © ridicuIed, 2013

  • The Danger's Eyes
    1.6M 51.5K 43

    [highest ranking #1 in ACTION] The rules are simple; obey, and he won't change them. Hannah is an open book, no doubt. But what would have happened if she had not caught him when he and his friends robbed the local store in their small neighborhood? Then she would have never met him. But maybe that's the reason she i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Aptitude
    908K 43.4K 39

    "Be prepared to lose everything, even yourself." © allyrwilliams 2015 All Rights Reserved. (#46 in Fanfiction)

  • Nude » h.s (#Wattys2016)
    7.1M 205K 54

    "There is a little bit of devil in her angel eyes." [Book 1] // © 2014 Qveendom. All Rights Reserved. || Editor: @lola7909 || Highest Rank #1 in fanfiction

  • Black Room #SpringAwards18
    237K 18.1K 58

    Dunkel, aufregend und geheimnisvoll. - Sienna, jung und lebenslustig, entschließt sich, die Vorzüge eines sogenannten „Black Room" zu nutzen, in welchem man absolut nichts sieht. Dort trifft sie auf Niall, der ihr Leben binnen weniger Wochen komplett auf den Kopf stellt - dabei spielt die Tatsache, dass er niemals ein...

  • Slave Blue
    329K 17.6K 82

    Entführt, gequält, gedemütigt und verkauft. Verkauft an einen Mann, der den Teufel Bruder nennt. Einen Mann der das Ebenbild eines Engels hat und das Herz von Satan höchst persönlich. Ein Mädchen welches unter ihm leidet und verzweifelt. Trotzdem versucht stark zu bleiben und zu leben. Das Mädchen welches unter den T...

    Completed   Mature
  • Our Last Collide 4
    99.1K 7.5K 14

    Harry, Raven und ihr kollidiertes Leben in der Zukunft, bestimmt vom Schicksal und ihrer Liebe. written by @articulair

  • Forever Collide 3
    775K 72.9K 109

    "Es ist hart ohne jemanden zu leben, der sich einst wie Zuhause anfühlte." Wird das Schicksal Raven und Harry wieder zusammenführen? Wird ihr so Etwas weiter bestehen? written by @articulair

  • Lives Collide 2
    1M 78.2K 104

    "Er bildete ein schöneres Zuhause für sie, als das Haus in dem sie lebte." Dann ging ihre Geschichte weiter. Mehr Geheimnisse, mehr Kummer, mehr Liebe als je zuvor. Werden sie es schaffen glücklich zu sein, wenn sie auseinander gerissen werden? written by @articulair Cover by @Little_Ophelia

    Completed   Mature
  • Hearts Collide
    1.4M 113K 112

    "Ihr Herz war ein geheimer Garten und die Mauern waren ziemlich hoch." - William Goldmann Dann traf sie diesen Schriftsteller auf dem College. Er war gutaussehend, charmant, hatte ein nettes Lächeln und nahm die Welt wie sie war. Sie wusste nicht damit umzugehen, wusste nie, was als nächstes passierte, als sie zusamme...

  • Violet Socks I HS
    2.3M 190K 94

    "Dich zu verlieren war etwas, womit ich nicht umgehen konnte." Das Schicksal verbindet Menschen, das Schicksal trennt Menschen. Aber manchmal weiß das Schicksal nicht, was es will und dann schlägt es zurück, und das mit Anlauf in violetten Socken, Metaphern, Küssen, Dramen, Eifersucht und großen Auftritten. Allerding...

  • Mutinous
    244K 10.1K 55

    Mutinous: (adjective) refusing to obey the orders of a person in authority. How could a smile, a pair of green eyes and a set of dimples be so intoxicating? If this was wrong I didn't want to know what right was. Warning: Contains mature content

    Completed   Mature
  • Beautiful Pieces (Sequel) [COMPLETED]
    337K 15.2K 80

    SEQUEL TO BEAUTIFULLY UNFINISHED. "When you fall in love, you take a hold of it. You grab it. You hold tight on it with both hands and do everything in your power not to let go of it. But I let you slip away and that was my biggest mistake. Love is like magic, Rose. You have to believe for it to exist." When everythi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beautifully Unfinished (COMPLETED)
    510K 24.8K 76

    After a night of heavy drinking and clubbing with friends in L.A, Miranda Rose finds herself waking up completely naked beside the world famous Harry Styles. She doesn't remember what happened the night before. She has no idea how she ended up in his room or how she ended up with him. But she realized that she had giv...

    Completed   Mature