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  • ѕmαll вump (rαtchєtхσc ff tfp) ѕlσw updαtєѕ (On Hold)
    10.2K 452 21

    Clara is just 19. When her and her best friend go to party she gets drugged. She doesn't remember anything after that and finds herself pregnant 2 weeks later. She has to give up everything after that. Her cheerleading career, college and also moving. Her cousin Jack Darby and her Aunt June Darby have taken her in aft...

  • Prisoner: A Transformers Prime Fanfiction.
    29.7K 1K 19

    She left Vos for a reason. She didn't want to abandon her people or her friends. But in doing so she joined The autobots. While she was on Vos She caught the optics of a Warlord. she's one of the few seekers left. Others were deserters trying to get away from the war. She thought she was safe until one day she is capt...

  • Hybrid
    88.8K 3.2K 23

    Being the daughter of a human and a giant alien robot isn't easy, especially since the giant alien robot, who is your father, has no idea that you even exist. What happens when unknown past secrets are revealed? How will the certain weapons specialist take it, from being a normal mech one moment and a father to a hybr...

  • 1 | dark pasts [oakenshield]
    134K 5.7K 60

    "There is a different type of texture behind each person, a different fragrance that wafts off one another, a different past. One might accuse the other of it, or of themselves in general; but you have to look deeper, you have to know more. Then, and only then, will you know their true texture, their actual fragrance...

  • The Line Between Life and Death (Jurassic World fanfiction)
    468 12 5

    Not only did Gray go to Jurrasic World with his brother Zach but he invited two of his friends, twins Rillane and Leo, to come along. Being bored by Zach's unenthusiastic attitude, Rillane convinces Leo to sneak off and have some fun on there own. But things go down hill fast when the Indominus Rex escapes its paddoc...

  • Transformers: Prime's Daughter (Fanfic)
    46.9K 1.7K 15

    Life for you has always been a mystery. You never really knew why everyone was being so secretive and quiet around you. There was more behind the other Hangers at N.E.S.T that they weren't telling you about. 14 year old, Scarlett, has no idea why the government would keep her at N.E.S.T. secret facility. She's nothi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Live it (A NANA Fanfiction)
    20.1K 646 28

    Kusaki Greyven is an 18 year old, guitarist in a band called "Black Stones" or "BLAST" She loved it, She lived through this rock and roll life. This is her story

  • The 11th Vongola Boss [Discontinued.]
    4.2K 109 22

    ---------------------------- Disclaimer: I didn't own the anime. Anime itself own by their respect owner. I only own my Plot and OC. -------------------------- You, who hold a big position were sent to past to help 10th Vongola Boss. You even have a so-called 'hometutor'. You also have a new power that no ones ever h...

  • Lost...Without a Heart (Kingdom Hearts) (Finished)
    50K 1.1K 31

    A girl named Elez had her heart taken away by the heartless. Her parents, and sister also. So then Elez meets a group called 'Organization XIII', a group of nobodies, and then she becomes 'Zelex'. Nobodies can't actually 'feel', right? But Zelex can feel anger, fear, sadness, and more. She discovers more about herself...

  • Fast and furious. My version.
    385K 8.1K 36

    Lexi Turner was a normal girly girl and did whatever her parents told her..... up until racing changed her. After that she decided she was making her own choices, starting with the people she considered close friends. Now after seven years of being away she returns to LA, to the people who run the streets, yet again a...

  • Daughter of a King
    83.1K 3.1K 43

    Young Arulla Durin is snatched away from her home in Erebor when she was only 20 years old(Which is like 9 or 10 in dwarrow years) 70 years later, her friend Gandalf comes to her new home in Rivendell where she has stayed these past 70 years and asks her to accompany him on a quest to reclaim Erebor. When she asks him...

  • The Dragon's Curse
    171K 6.2K 46

    Artemis is Smaug's daughter. Cursed to be human by day and a monster of a Dragon by night. She is cursed until Erebor would be rightfully taken back by the true host of the dwarves and until she would be forgiven by the line of Durin. When she joins Gandalf at a meeting at the Shire, what happens when she gets a littl...

  • My Dark Secret [A Transformers Prime Fanfiction]
    98.3K 2.8K 41

    When a Decepticon vessel crashes on Earth, Team Prime goes to investigate, prepared for anything… except for the discovery of a sleeping Autobot femme. This discovery leads to an unexpected event: Optimus Prime falls in love. The femme, named Vesper, also falls in love with the Prime, but refuses to show it for fear o...

  • Transformers Prime: The Swift and Proud (Sequel to Echoes of the Past)
    1.1K 57 11

    Echowind's sparklings have grown up since the end of Echoes of the Past, well one of them at least. Swift-shift is a troublesome femme with a knack for getting into trouble. However, her habit of breaking the rules comes back to bite her when she gets captured by the 'Cons. Now, a prisoner on their ship, she must c...

    Completed   Mature
  • Genie (A Kuroshitsuji Fanfic) - On Hold
    46K 1.7K 10

    *Message: Sorry everyone. At the moment this story will be on hold. For how long I do not know. There has been a lot going on in my life. So until then, you may read but I won't be updating until halfway through the year. Again sorry :( * On Ciel's 5th birthday, he received a necklace that held a magical orb. And insi...