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  • The Troubled Vampire
    77K 2.4K 4

    Basia and Callum have bigger problems then ever. Basia's mother is back and she wants to be accepted back into her life, with no explanation. King Jackson is after Basia, eager to kill her and punish Callum for going against his word. Will Basia be able to manage her mother? Will Callum be able to keep his mate safe...

  • The Tattooed Vampire
    2.1M 53.5K 27

    Ever since Basia lost her mother at the age of 5, her father and brother became her abusers. She made a vow never to talk to a man after that. They weren't trust worthy. After twelve years of putting up with that, she manages to escape and runs away to California. Where everything is different. She goes into her senio...