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  • Remember (A Royalchaos/Zeroyalchaos Fanfic)
    6.1K 252 5

    Chilled and Ze are a functional, quirky, loving couple. But what happens when one loses their memory in an accident? Watch as they get to fall in love all over again and maybe even learn some new things about each other. This is also my first fanfic so if the writing is bad or something like, please forgive me friend...

  • ZeRoyalChaos Shorts
    24.1K 718 8

    A mixture of ZeRoyalChaos fan fiction shorts. Some are fluff, some are smut. Some are extensions/bonus' from the Saving/Finding Chilled series. * ""You called me your boyfriend." He whispers, his voice so quiet I can barely hear it. "Yeah." I shakily laugh, but it comes out as a series of gasps instead. "I love you...

  • Stay With Me ~ (ZeRoyalViking)
    12.8K 434 14

    Kayla Jones is a popular gamer on YouTube (known as ElectricxGamer) who is best friends with Chilled Chaos. What happens when he introduces her to the Derp Crew? Well she finds love and chaos!

  • ZeRoyalChaos: A Nice Little Date
    359 18 1

    At Chilled's request, I'm writing this one shot. So Chilly Willy if you're reading this, enjoy!

  • The Night on a Cliff (A ZeRoyalChaos FanFic)
    190 10 1

    What happened on that cliff overlooking the ocean? With the moon and bright stars above. Sounds romantic doesn't it? Will it actually be romantic though?

  • Caged Birds. (ZeRoyalViking)
    1.1K 71 5

    Jynx has always been unlucky, with whatever she's doing. Her name, meaning "to bring bad luck", fits her well. She's mostly been unlucky with love, being stuck in an abusive relationship for 6 years being scared to leave him or tell anyone besides her good friend. She's just a caged bird, unable to be free. That's w...

  • I need you... (A ZeRoyalChaos Fanfiction)
    4.2K 63 9

    When Ze decides it is time to visit chilled, he gets blindsided and sees Chilled broken and hurt, he trys to help, but finds out more, They need each other... IM BAD AT DESCRIPTIONS

  • I Want You ♡ZeRoyalChaos FanFic♡
    7.2K 268 9

    ♡ ZeRoyalChaos FanFiction ♡

  • In ZeRoyalChaos We Trust (boyxboy)
    15.6K 537 12

    Why are you reading this??? Chilled and Ze meet in high school and can't help the attraction that sparks between them.

    Completed   Mature
  • Started With A Fanfic (ZeRoyalChaos)
    22.4K 613 10

    What happens when Chilled and Ze read a fanfiction together for Extra Life? Well there is more than meets the eye, my friends... ;)

  • ZeRoyalChaos
    6.8K 224 4

    Hi! This is just a short fluff story of ZeRoyalChaos. It might turn out to be a longer story if I get into writing it more! So, if you read it, watch for updates :3

  • Gone Now. (ChilledChaos {Fourth Book}) [On Hold]
    5.2K 331 17

    My mom went crazy. I don't know where she is or where she went, she's gone now. I've ran away home my dad, the famous YouTuber ChilledChaos. So, I'm also gone. My name is Adelise. #ZoeisTheDevil

  • What Now. {Fifth Book}
    182 11 1

    Ignore this until further notice

  • Stolen. (ChilledChaos) [DISCONTINUED]
    712 18 2

    Adair lives in the street, doing whatever she can to stay alive. Anthony is a YouTuber, doing whatever he can to find a girl who will really love him. What happens when two paths cross? **WARNING DRUG USE AND SEXUAL CONTENT**

  • For Now. (ChilledChaos) {Derp Crew Awards}
    33.6K 963 38

    I don't walk away from things. Maybe that's one of my flaws. That's why he liked me, I didn't walk away. Until now that is.

  • Until Now. (Chilled Chaos {Sequel to For Now})
    17K 670 30

    **STEAL MY STORY OR IDEAS AND I WILL FIND YOU AND SLAY YOU** You liked me because I didn't run away, but now I'm already running away before you blinked. XXX It's a year later and Anne has told the world that she was Isabelle. Every night she has the nightmares about the past, but she's happier living each day with...

  • Right Now. (ChilledChaos {Third Book}) {Derp Crew Awards}
    16.3K 702 37

    Crying shows weakness. Right now they must think I'm insanely weak. **STEAL MY STORY OR IDEAS AND I WILL FIND YOU AND SLAY YOU** *Third Book* (: #ZoeIsBasic #ImEvil #AnnieLikesItRough #Poop

  • Addicted to You. (Chilled Chaos) {FINISHED}
    24.6K 438 38

    It all started at PAX ...

    Completed   Mature