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  • Like Roses
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    An Oliver Sykes fanfiction c: Enjoy -=+=- TRIGGER WARNING -=+=-

  • Guys Like Us [Frerard AU]
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    Cabin camps suck. The beds are like sleeping on cardboard, the food tastes like feet, and the camp itself is the epitome of dirtiness. Unless you have a group of bubbly, happy-go-lucky friends, you're not going going to have a good time at a camp. Gerard Way doesn't have any of those types of people in life. In fact...

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  • .i've forgotten the places i used to know. (Frerard)
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    "until the ground holds me in it’s arms i’m true, and i’ll wait for you. isn’t it obvious I’m a wreck, i set these fires just for you. isn’t it obvious i’ve calmed down, i saved my breakdowns just for you. i’m hell-bent on slipping away. i felt you slowly turn away. i’ve seen rock bottom, and it was love at very first...

  • The Dove Keeper
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    Frerard. Gnarly. I DID NOT WRITE THIS, ALL CREDIT GOES TO AMAZING, TALENTED AUTHOR, EVELYN DESHANE. (Underwater_sky at live Evelyn is someone I look up to and I've no idea how to contact her personally to properly ask her permission to repost her story. What I've done is not okay and I do not encourage an...

  • Demolition Lovers (Frerard)
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    Gerard draws dicks for a living. Frank takes them. Gerard Way moves into a new apartment in a dodgy complex where he's bound to get beaten to a pulp after his old place is set on fire by those damned 'youths', and by a certain turn of events, his neighbour, the equally provocative, yet entirely in a different way, Fra...

  • Wintertime (Frerard, Sequel to Summertime)
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    Frank is twenty eight: he's mentally stable for the most part, and well nobody has to know about pills he takes twice a day, do they? He's normal now, he's a person now, he's a fucking adult with an office job and he fucking hates it and that's fine, because he got out of the mental hospital three years ago, and these...