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  • Dark Spirit | muke au
    391K 19.8K 28

    "Next!" The fortune teller calls. Michael smiled sheepishly at Ashton as he pulled back the curtain, walking in and taking his seat. They didn't believe in this crap; it was a dare. The fortune teller didn't look at her ball, or even Michael for that matter. She looked past his shoulder, her hands slightly shaking a...

  • speak. • sequel to mute. • muke au
    988K 52.5K 43

    {SEQUEL TO MUTE} Michael and Luke Clifford. They were perfect, until little April came along. {#114 in fanfiction}

  • mute. • muke au
    1.5M 89.3K 39

    Michael didn't say much. Luke said nothing at all. Luke and Michael were perfect for each other. Silent. But still perfect. WINNER OF THE 'MUKE' BROMANCE AWARD ALSO AWARDED THE STORY WITH THE MOST VOTES OUT OF ALL OTHER CATAGORIES

  • voices. • the third book in the mute. series • muke au
    653K 42.9K 40

    The voices in Michael's head made him do it. Michael loves Luke. But Luke isn't so sure anymore. THIRD BOOK IN THE MUTE SERIES. MUST READ MUTE. AND SPEAK. BEFORE {highest ranking #40 in fanfiction}