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  • Stay in place (sing a chorus) aka the forest fic | joshler
    44K 1.2K 1

    THIS IS NOT MY STORY I'm just posting it on here because it can be bothersome to find on archive of our own. So here is the famous forest fic. enjoy

  • sing to me. ≫ narry
    1.2K 152 2

    ❝you're like a butterfly.❞

  • broken nights [narry au]
    6K 684 25

    in which niall is broken and harry tries to save him, rather than saving the broken soul inside himself.

  • oddball, Styles. ≫ narry
    56.3K 4.5K 27

    ❝nice crown, flower boy.❞ ❝says you, blueberry.❞ Rankings: #891 and #794 in Fanfiction

  • Suburb➵Narry
    30.3K 2.6K 15

    a story about a boy who falls in love with his best friends crush

  • that's for my boyfriend! ▸ narry
    6K 573 8

    the one in which niall orders a drink for a fake boyfriend who's actually real.... ....and famous

  • The Kids Aren't Alright (Shiver Spin-Off)
    112K 10.8K 54

    -| for the heroes who quit too late|- Cover by @ombre5sos

  • Paper Hearts (Book Five)
    218K 18.1K 60

    -| until the very end |- "Everything was fine yesterday... And now it feels like we're barely holding on again... I just don't get it Harry." "I don't get it either okay?! I don't understand why everything has to go to shit right when it seems to be going back to normal. It doesn't matter though because I've got you...

  • Burning Up (n.h. + h.s.)(Sequel to Shiver)(Book Two)
    408K 23.4K 48

    -| just because you win the battle, doesn't mean you've won the war|- "You know... I was serious when I said I was going to marry you." "I know." "Then why don't we go get married right now? We can fly to Vegas... Drive thru wedding. I've heard those have a high success rate." BOOK TWO. Warnings: There is mentions o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Slut and the Slut Dresser (Book Three)
    445K 21K 53

    -| this was their fairy tale ending |- "Remember when I used to call you Slut Dresser?" "Yeah... I remember." "We should name him Slut Dresser." "We aren't naming our son Slut Dresser." "Why not?" "Because that's just begging for kids to pick on him in school. We might as well call him Slut." "It isn't that bad...." B...

  • Shiver (n.h. + h.s.)(Punk!Harry)(Book One)
    661K 40.6K 49

    -|all is fair in love and war|- "Why are you so nervous?" "I-I'm not nervous." "Then why are you shaking? Surely you're not a virgin, I mean with a body like that..." "And what if I am? A virgin that is..." "Then may god have mercy upon my soul." Ran...

    Completed   Mature