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  • Task Force Indigo : Remember me, Harmony
    1.4M 82.1K 49

    Harmony is your average teenager, aside from the fact that she's an amnesiac and can control people's dreams. Together with her friend who can see ghosts, they try to use their special abilities to solve crimes in the small town of Adelaide's bridge. But when supernatural creatures start wreaking havoc in the small...

  • Snow White is a Gangster (Published under Cloak Pop Fiction)
    12.2M 364K 53

    She vowed to stay. She just needed a keeper for maintenance. Henrietta Arturia is a drop-dead, gorgeous ice princess and yeah, a Freniere Mafia Reaper. She is an absolute recipe for immense destruction. But after witnessing Summer Leondale's courage, bravery and stupidity to fight for Giovanni Freniere, an old flame i...

  • Stay awake, Agatha (PUBLISHED UNDER PSICOM)
    13.1M 523K 37

    Agatha suffers from a rare disorder that makes her sleep in a long period of time. But what happens when the modern-day sleeping beauty meets an idiotic guy hell-bent on keeping her awake? Well, this is the story of two special teenagers fighting for their ill-fated love. (A CHASING HURRICANE SPIN-OFF)

  • Dark Fairytale (MHSG Final Adventure)
    589K 24.6K 15

    Emily Devereaux had everything... until it was stolen from her on the night she found her parents dead and their mansion burning. She almost died in the same fire but a mysterious boy saved her before suddenly disappearing in the darkness of the night. Five years later, at 17 years old, she lives a life far from h...

  • Slaughter High | Published under LIB
    2.9M 50K 16

    Slaughter High is now available on bookstores for just 58 pesos! Grab a copy and don't miss out on Parker and the gang's deadly journey! <3

  • Psycho next door
    1.3M 79.8K 51

    Cosima Sanctuary is a safehouse for teenage survivors. But when the survivors realize that one of them is a psychopath, all hell breaks lose as this time the survivors are no longer interested at becoming victims again. Tables turn as the hunter becomes the hunted.

  • Vertigo | Published under LIB
    812K 27.9K 17

    Vertigo was published last 2014, under Life is Beautiful Corp.

  • Chasing Hurricane
    5.5M 243K 32

    Hanapan ng girlpren si bitter bestfriend na friendzoned since birth? Game!