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  • Football Queen(EDITING)
    270K 1.1K 8

    UNDER MAJOR RECONSTRUCTION. IF YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY READ THIS STORY, IT IS CHANGING A LOT. MOST PARTS WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED UNTIL DONE EDITING. "Yeah, right! You 're just a girl, you can't play football! Let alone, be on the team!" Brent said with a smirk. "Watch me! Maybe I could teach you something!" I yelled ov...

  • I Think I Love My Brother's Best Friend
    8.3M 190K 43

    Meet Skye Barker. She pretty, smart, heartbroken, and Adam Barker's little sister. Meet Chace Matthews. He's cocky, gorgeous,a player, and Adam Barker's best friend. Chace has spent years making Skye's life a living hell, but when he comes back after the summer things change. Add in Skye's ex-boyfriend, best friend, a...

  • Clueless
    257K 7.5K 32

    He runs up behind you, picking you up and spinning you around. You laugh and blush the whole time. He finally sets you down and kisses your forehead. Sounds perfect doesn't it? That's what Abby has... with her bestfriend. He is always making her laugh and is always smiling. He is that guy at school that everyone loves...

  • The Badgirl's Daughter
    157K 5.5K 38

    *Sequel to The Badgirl's Story* (You don't need to read the first one to read this. But you really should so it makes a little more sense). *I will write a better summary* Amber Simmons, the Badgirl's daughter. Noted as the top badgirl and player of her school. The one who takes on any dare. The one who isn't scared t...

  • The Badgirl's Story
    311K 9.6K 26

    Max is the good girl. Everyone knows it, and knows her as that. But after reading a couple of stories on, she realizes that she doesn't wanna be one of the two bore's of the town that never gets in serious trouble, or always does whats right and never sneaks out. She's tired of being like barbie. So she go...

  • Sweet 16 ❥❥ 5SOS ✔
    1.7K 102 18

    8 things best friends Sadie and Madison wanted to do on Madi's 16th birthday: 1) Go to a 5 Seconds of Summer concert (they've got the tickets) 2) Meet 5 Seconds of Summer (not happening, they couldn't get VIP passes) 3) Have 5 Seconds of Summer sing Happy Birthday to Madi (that's Sadie's mission) 4) Make sure Madi's...

  • My Brother's Best Friend
    12.7K 459 26

    Elena Gilbert has had hidden feelings for Damon Salvatore, her brothers best friend,She's known of her feelings for Damon for 8 years, or since she was 7.Elena knows he'll never like her back but she has to have hope.This is a Vampire Diaries fanfiction.

  • The BadBoy Next Door
    2.9M 73.2K 33

    Stephanie is quiet, smart, and a little shy. Things were never the same for her after her mother died. She put all her work into studying and trying to get into a good college. Will she change now that she is at a new school? Will she be able to open up to people about all the things she keeps to her self? And what ha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Best-Friends with Issues
    2.3M 53.6K 22

    Selena's life is in shambles. Isolated by most of her family, witnessing a lifelong friendship crumbling before her eyes, and being torn apart from the boy she fell so idiotically in love with, she doesn't see how things could get much worse. But once again, the universe finds uncanny enjoyment in proving her wrong. O...

  • The Cheerleader and The Bad Boy
    22.6M 457K 58

    “You’re afraid of temptation.” He said pinning me to the wall. “No, I’m not.” I snapped at him. Who am I kidding? Yes, I am. He leaned closer nearly brushing his lips against mine. My breath caught in my throat and he grinned. “Your breath and your pulse give you away, Barbie.” He said not pulling away. “I think you...

  • Loving Bad - Loving Bad #1 (Sample of Published Book)
    24M 598K 64

    The good girl falls for the bad boy. But what if there is more to Sin Carter than a bad attitude, tattoos and piercings? And what if there is more to Taylor Price than the fact she has always followed the rules and done what she was told? Their pasts haunt them. Sin is trying to break free from his dark past while Ta...

  • The Salvatore's
    39.3K 958 44

    The Salvatore brothers have moved to town and they are hiding a secret. They are vampires. Damon and Stefan and the two brothers are both after the same girl. Elena Gilbert who had just lost her parents is dragged into this world where the impossibility exists and she finds herself falling for not just one but both br...

  • Lover Vs. Lover ✘
    175K 6.6K 30

    Guys. I hate them, they are the most confusing, idiotic and annoying things on the planet and my problem is that I'm in love with two of them. Jonathan Anderson aka the gentlemen PROS - He's caring and considerate - Pays attention to my every needs - Treats me with respect. ...

  • My Crazy Sweet 16
    551 31 12

    I am Kayla Payne, yes my last name is Payne and yes, my older brother is Liam Payne and I am hidden from the rest of the boys because my pain in the butt older brother is way too overprotective of me and doesn't want he guy hitting on me and yad ah yad ah yah so what happens when Liam invites the rest of One Direction...

  • The Golden Couple
    12.3M 333K 76

    My name is Sophie Allen. And I am hopelessly and irrevocably in love with Bryce Harrison. And this is our story. Completed. -Cover created by: me

  • The Hour
    13 3 1

    In a changing world... a town is put to the test by relying on two teenagers to stop its brutal leaders.

  • Disconnected / h.s.
    2.5M 108K 40

    unknown : is this norma unknown : ?? Me : tf this is natalie who u be

  • The Football Player
    387K 8.2K 23

    Completed.... She didn't trust anyone at the age of 12. He wanted to be the one she did. She didn't want to try. He made a bet, though. She doesn't back down. He made the bet official. She's now 17. He's now nearly 18. She's quiet, smart, & sweet. He's obnoxious, athletic, but quite the charmer. She's never had a boyf...

  • Roommates ✔
    127M 3M 51

    "Doll face, you might say you hate me, but we both know you think otherwise." He speaks with the annoying smirk plastered on his face and I roll my eyes. "As if," "Babycakes..." "What's up with you and the change in nicknames?" I snap and his smirk stretches. "Feisty now aren't we, sugar." "Just shut up!" "I could, bu...

  • The Good Girl & The Badass (Editing)
    2.3M 73.4K 40

    Charlotte Smith is: -Sarcastic (very) -Strange (most of the time) -A good girl (most definitely) Andrew Kingsley on the other h...

  • Last Chance
    4.5K 162 3

    **** SEQUEL TO FOOTBALL QUEEN**** It's senior year for Avery Jackson. Along with her boyfriend Bryson Morter. As the year progresses though, senior year starts slipping through their fingers when scandalous happenings go on around Brenner High School. With the help of Avery's friends will she survive her final year of...

  • I Think I Love My Famous Best Friend
    254K 7.6K 20

    Sierra and Marky have been best friends since the day she was born. They know everything about each other and now that he's famous they're close friendship is in the spotlight as Marky's "new relationship". Will the media's suggestion show them they're meant to be? He's smart, witty, charming, and the perfect man all...

  • Tutoring The School's Bad Boy
    285K 2K 6

    "Do you know how bad I want to kiss you?" He asked. What did he just say? "Uh.." "But I can control myself." He leaned back. *Mallory Walls lives in a foster home. She never met her parents. She's a shy, innocent, insecure 17 year old girl. She doesn't have much friends. No, she doesn't have anybody. She's independent...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Football Player
    523K 9K 20

    Skylar Clark is your definition of an average teenage girl; Simple, corky, sarcastic and a tad dramatic. Skylar usually keeps to herself and never really steps out of her comfort zone. She hates attention and always remains within her group of friends but what happens on her first day of senior year? She runs right in...

  • An Arranged Marriage ❉ j.g
    10M 249K 113

    22 year-old Jack Gilinsky just wants to party his life away and make music with his friend Jack Johnson. Marrying a small town girl was not on his yolo bucketlist.

  • Breaking The Fixation
    22.5K 601 8

    While practicing a spell, Bonnie accidentally sends Elena back in time. She gets to meet the Damon of 1864 and falls head over heels for him. But what are the consequences when you mess with the past?

  • Forced to have the Player's Kid (Book One of The Great Age Plague Series)
    14.5M 506K 50

    COMPLETED During the year 2032 a plague hit the world, decimating the adult population. The few survivors now run the schools filled with an influx of orphans. Unfortunately, the populations are dwindling fast and soon human's may become extinct. That's when the Young Adult Baby Law was put into place-- a law forcing...

  • Battle of the Captains
    19.7M 387K 29

    It started out as a game. She's everything a girl wants to be. He's everything a girl wants. As head cheerleader and quarterback, Kody Taylor and Austin Collins would normally be expected to be together with them being the schools Mr. and Ms. Perfect. Lucky for all the single boys and girls in their school, it'll neve...

  • paper planes
    3.8K 308 12

    There are two types of people in this world and I happen to be the third. #wattys2016

  • Blazed
    1.7M 51.4K 62

    How long does love last? Does it fizzle out like a flame, when you cover it up. Or does it blaze like a wildfire when it's not tamed. Louis had been in love with a girl three years ago. Though she had not returned his love, instead of forming a heart of stone. Like anyone else would have done in his situation. He got...

    Completed   Mature