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  • Stay
    9.7K 248 36

    This is a Ross Lynch, R5, Raura and Raia fan fiction. Hope you enjoy

  • Never Looking Back Again
    3.2K 62 10

    Austin and Ally are and always will be best friends. They have the perfect friendship. They have ups and downs here and there but they always have a way to fix it. Arianna is a special 12 year old girl that they will have to worried about... constantly. She will only bring them to feeling closer about each other. Will...

  • best friends brother (a raura story)
    467K 13.1K 70

    Laura is having a horrible life things go down hill every was possible and then meets the lynches

  • the story of my life ~raura
    5.2K 156 17


  • Where Did You Go: A raura fanfiction
    2.1K 135 16

    Halloween is a time of a hauntings and creepy themes. When r5 books their latest gig at a halloween fair, things might get scary. Where did you go?

  • one night stand ↠ raura
    299K 8.8K 68

    COMPLETED. They never knew that a One Night Stand.. Could lead on to their whole entire future and create something beautiful. ps. i wrote this in 2012. it was my first wattpad story so my grammar and vocabulary sucked lmao, read at your own risk

    Completed   Mature
  • NOT Starstruck⋆|raura
    104K 4.5K 31

    ≫"Look Ross, you can state that a Everest is only a mountain and a pyramide is only a shape, but I am not one of those chicks who care more about their nails than about their grades. And I am NEVER going to be one of those who can't stop gushing and giggling when all you do is just winking at them, got it Blondie?"≪ ⋯...

  • TeenIdol
    57.1K 2.6K 24

    Laura is a normal teenage girl who's waiting to find her Romeo. Her sister is OBSESSED with this band... Will Laura fall for Any of them? Read and find out..

  • Just Keep Asking
    66.5K 3.5K 26

    Will you be my girlfriend? Are you serious? Is that a yes or a no? Friends or more? How much longer? Are you still waiting? Will you even give me a chance? Why? All these questions that created a whole new love experience to relationships all throughout the world. How long will the guy keep asking? How long will the g...

  • Anything Is Possible (Ross Lynch/R5 Fanfic) {Watty Award Winner 2013}
    3.8M 50K 127

    [Book 1 of 3] This is a love story about the famous Ross Lynch and a young girl, Lena Mathews, that has a love for singing & acting like Ross. Many complications & turns in the roads affect their love and they have to try their best to keep it going strong. What will happen next to the couple? Xx :) - Copyright ©2013...

  • When Love Bites: A Raura Story
    327K 9K 40

    Ross Lynch and his girlfriend Laura Marano are the 'it' couple. With Ross being the quarterback of the football team and Laura cheering him on as head cheerleader they are the most popular kids in the twelfth grade. But when the two face a nasty breakup Ross finds himself loosing his game and everything he's got while...

  • Summer with the Lynches (Raura)
    541K 21.7K 97

    A/N R5 doesn't exist. There is no band. Vanessa isn't Laura's sister | Laura is an only child. Or so she thinks...;) +++ 17 year old Laura Marano is an average kid at school. Good grades, not popular, but not a loser, you know descent in school. She's the kid everyone knows and says hi to once in a while, everyone bu...

  • Living with Gays {#Wattys2015}
    253K 6.7K 144

    A R5 fanfiction, with a glee twist Amelia has a secret. Ross has a secret too. Everyone knows Amelia's secret, but Ross will never tell a soul, or will he. The two start to realise that they are every much both in common but also very different. Can the keep the trust and will others get in the way? It all started in...

  • A players game (Raura)
    97.1K 3.7K 25

    A Player's Game (Unedited) Laura- Never been in love but have made-out with a couple of guys, doesn't believe in the guys words but they lead to same place an empty bed the morning after. Challenge: make him fall in love with you first and then you are a Queen Bee. Ross- Popular guy whose never had girlfriend or firs...

    Completed   Mature
  • This Moment: Time Goes Fast
    754K 17.8K 93

    Laura, Ross, Raini, and Calum just finished to film season 3 of Austin and Ally. They all take a break after filming. Then suddenly the director of a movie called Ross and Laura and the unexpected happened. While Ross and Laura cross dangerous paths, the rest of the crew of R5 experiences romantic and killer experien...

  • One more heart beat a (raura)(raia)(ranessa)(ralum)(rydellington)
    45.6K 490 39

    Laura,Vanessa,Calum,Raini,Stormie,Mark,Ryland,and R5 are heading to Puerto Rico. For 5 months and there leaving in May and coming back in September.what gonna happen between Rocky,????,Vanessa,Riker,Raini,Calum,Ross,Laura,Rydel,and Ratliff.