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  • Her Portrait Is Black and White
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    Tina Kennard is a young up and coming yet struggling artist. Bette Porter is the amazing gallery owner who sees potential in Tina's art. Bette is openly gay and very much a player in her friends and the community's eyes. She's a lady killer, she knows what she wants and how to get it. Tina is unsure of herself sexua...

  • The Lloyd-Solo Family Photo Album
    4.1K 130 5

    This IS a ONE-SHOT book! Hey guys, you're probably here from my last book "We're A Family" (if you don't know what that is you might want to check it out!) Get ready to head on so many adventures with the Lloyd-Solo fam! Go ahead and open it up! Hope, Carli, JJ, Chris, Lex, Mal, and Tobin are waiting!!

  • Mother Daughter: A Hope Solo and Christie Rampone USWNT fanfic
    3K 32 2

    Okay so you have seen different fanfiction probably with Hope and someone else ex: Kelley and Alex or Abby or Megan or someone Okay I'm getting off track This fanfic is about Christie Rampone and Hope Solo's relationship outside the field and on the field.

  • ғᴏᴏᴛsᴛᴇᴘs | ᴋᴍ
    116K 4.6K 68

    Book 2 of 'My Mom Is Who?' Cody moves abroad in a bid to prove to herself that she can handle anything the world throws at her. Follow her story as she juggles life in England with relationship drama, work and having a famous soccer player for a mom, all while transforming from an insecure teenager to a strong, power...

  • ᴍʏ ᴍᴏᴍ ɪs ᴡʜᴏ?
    284K 7.3K 71

    Meet Cody, an average teenager, dealing with a rough home life and the school bully, who just so happens to be her Captain on the high school soccer team. Thinking her life can only get worse, not better, she jumps at the chance to go to a USWNT game with her best friend Jack. Little did Cody know, her life is about t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Free Solo
    227K 10.7K 132

    Audrey was around the US Women's national team for the first 18 years of her life, but something happened and she's been gone for almost 4 years. What's going to happen when she comes back?

    Completed   Mature
  • Point Of Impact
    13K 601 27

    Former USWNT players, Kelley O'Hara and Hope Solo have been married for a few years now. Kelley learns that Hope has cheated on her while she is expecting the couple's twin girls. It's the straw that breaks the camels back, Kelley can't handle Hope's cheating ways and asks for a divorce. It gets complicated when Kelle...

  • USWNT Oneshots + other WOSO pairings
    213K 3.5K 124

    Krashlyn, Talex, O'solo, Presston, and anything USWNT

  • An Upcoming Star
    29.2K 801 25

    ~ { Sequel to 'Regrets and Mistakes' } ~ Rachel's life has changed a lot in a year. Jack starts kindergarten. Conor moved to New Jersey with them. She ended up not playing with Sky Blue this season. Why? Well that's for you to find out! Lucy's stuck at a crossroad. Man City offered her a new contract to stay but the...

  • Ella Mae
    51.5K 1.2K 39

    A little girl's life with the USWNT as her family.

  • Sparia
    604 21 4

    PLL Half AU Aria and Spencer are happily married, just like the other girls and guys, but -A is still a problem, especially for Spencer as Aria is pregnant. Will they find out who -A is? Do not read if you are uncomfortable with mature or abuse scenes.

  • Hidden Hearts (Faberry)
    207K 6.2K 65

    Quinn places a kiss on both my cheeks, then a peck on my lips before grabbing her coat. 'We'll practise tomorrow. I have dates to plan.' When Quinn Fabray joins the last thing Rachel berry is expecting is it get a girlfriend out of it. Now with a sequel 'Holding Hands'. Once #10 in Fanfiction! Thank you guys! *I do...

  • Daddy Mani (Laurmani/ Normani GP) Completed
    142K 4K 20

    Normani Kordei Hamilton has a problem; she likes bad bitches. It doesn't matter if they're married, in a relationship or just morally unavailable. However, Normani is finally ready to make a change but there's just one problem; Lauren Jauregui-Vives. Normani GP #Laurmani

  • The New Girl
    117 5 1

    Stacie Conrad is not the kind of girl to get a crush and on girl may just change that. when cousins Emily Junk and Chloe Beale move into a small town in California their hopes of nothing bad happening change as they both fall in love.

  • Love's a game wanna play?
    8.9K 206 7

    anyone would love to get a taste of Stacie and Stacie on the other hand likes to use use her charm for fun.

  • Stemily One shots
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    Stacie x Emily. A collection of oneshots. 🤙🏻

  • Through the Night
    34.9K 1.1K 43

    "Did you ever feel anything for me? Or was it just sex for you?" I asked. She didn't respond. "Because I know I felt something." She turned to face me, and I saw something flash in her eyes. Regret. Or was it pain I saw there? "I was never going to be good enough." She said, and I flinched in surprise...

  • ChAubrey - How They Met
    864 24 5

    Everyone knows Chloe Beale and Aubrey Posen are best friends. Together, they rebuilt the Bellas after Alice and then graduated on that awful note. Aubrey was the first person Chloe contacted when the Bellas needed to find their sound. But of course every story must have a beginning. So how did they meet? Where di...

  • Something Entirely New
    3.7K 117 5

    Chaubrey + Steca

  • Late Night Barden Bellas
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  • You are the one (WIP)
    3.8K 65 8

    Stacie is a senior in Barden University. She sleeps with someone almost every night but never really loves them. What happens when a certain freshman stumble into her life? #stemily

  • Because of me
    482 40 6

    Sonny's life was going very well. He couldn't complain when he had everything that he could have ever asked for but what happens when one of his many enemies decides to come after him by going after the one and most important woman in his life. Will history end up repeating itself. Find out.

  • cOur Christmas Miracle
    220 10 1

    It has been a crazy journey for Sonny and Emily since they first got together. After months and months of trying to create a family they finally get their prayers answered.

  • Who's My Mom?
    2.4K 47 5

    This is my very first Chicago PD fanfic plz be nice no rude/hate comments. Now I always wondered what it was like for Erin when she actual lived with Hank, except this has a twist Hank and Camille took Erin in as a little girl and she lived with the Voights' her whole life and didn't even know who her mom was.

  • Love Drought
    5.5K 267 8

    "Are you cheating on me?"

  • Your Kids
    35.6K 1.8K 29

    Teen mom. Best friend. Ex friends. Sisters. Mothers. Enemies. Drama. Love. LIFE.

  • SinFul Secrets
    316 32 5

    Sonny and Lulu are both very happy and in love with their significant others that is until they find out some shocking news. Will this be what brings them together just for comfort or will it turn into a lot more...... Read more to find out.

  • Torn
    223 19 4

    Emily Quartermaine's life was going very well or so she thought. Her boyfriend of a year had just got the once in a lifetime opportunity to go on tour to start his singing career. Buy before that happens he decides to end his relationship only to come back to see that she's moved on with someone who he hadn't expexted...

  • Business Partners (Camren)
    129K 5.3K 24

    It just wasn't fair. Lauren worked for her spot. She was the one that proved herself. She was the one that spent those many nights studying. She knows what she's doing. Lauren actually wants her share of the company. The same couldn't be said about Camila. She didn't prove anything. She spent her nights at parties w...

  • Never let me go-Faberry
    136K 2.9K 65

    I don't own this story