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  • Sofa(An Ed Sheeran Fanfic)
    301K 5.6K 16

    So what happens when a blind date goes horribly wrong and you wake up on an unfamiliar sofa, in an unfamiliar flat? Crazy things...

  • **EDITING** Love at the Bottom of the Nutella jar. - Jc Caylen/Sam Pottorff
    352K 1.9K 24

    Jc Caylen/Sam Pottorff fanfic, hope you enjoy this. Read the sequel now on my account if you are finnished.

  • It's Easier Then You Think
    7.8K 111 15

    So everything seems fine with secretly being in love with your Best friend's sister right? Even though he forbiddened you to not date his sister? Well....Nat thinks everything seems fine, that is if he wants to keep his best friend, will Nat be able to stay just 'friends' with Megan? Or will he hide his feelings deep...

  • The Heart Beats in its Cage (A Strokes fan fiction)
    22.7K 386 16

    Lucille Fox is normal fifteen year old girl entering her freshman year of high school, with a normal enormous crush on a boy named Julian Casablancas. Lucy has had a crush on Julian for years, ever since she could remember meeting him when they were kids. Her heart ached at the thought that she will always be invisibl...

  • Changing The Future (On Hold)
    1.9M 20K 70

    What if Bella and Edward both got a set of four books called Twilight? Can Their future be changed? Can all the wrongs be done right? This is their story. Its not bad! Try it!