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  • ♡ѕυper ѕмaѕн вroѕ oneѕнoтѕ♡
    21.9K 1.1K 53

    нєℓℓσ тσ тнιѕ ѕυρєя ѕмαѕн вяσѕ χ яєα∂єяѕ ι нσρє уσυ ℓσνє ιт αи∂ яєα∂ тнє яυℓєѕ ι'м ѕєяισυѕ ωιтн тнє яυℓєѕ αи∂ уσυ αяє αℓσυ∂ тσ ѕєи∂ яєqυєѕт вσуѕ αи∂ gιяℓѕ αяє αℓσυ∂ тσ яєqυєѕт αи∂ тσ ѕєит уσυя σ¢ тσ мє αи∂ ι'ℓℓ мαкє ιт σ¢ χ ѕυρєя ѕмαѕн вяσѕ ¢нαяα¢тєя ¢яυѕн уσυ ℓσνє ι нσρє уσυ gυуѕ ℓσνє ιт αи∂ єиנσу ☺

  • The Best Of Comebacks
    47.6M 1.7M 258

    ❝A book for comebacks.❞ WARNING// If easily offended please do not read this book as you might be upset by some of the content.

  • The Female Legend- Meta Knight X Reader (Warning: Slow Updates)
    50.1K 802 25

    There is a legend that one day a girl will abord the ship whom is said to be strong, brave and courageous. He will learn to love her and care for her. Is it you? Warning this story will contain: Cursing, Yaoi, Yuri, Possibly Smut (?)

  • Le art... And stuff
    5.9K 431 127

    This is my fanart and drawing book!

  • Vix's Art/Randomness Book!
    3.1K 294 63

    Hello everyone! This is going to be the random book where I post art, requests, and life updates! I really hope you guys enjoy this book, and I hope that it won't be to much of a weird book. Welp, enjoy!

  • Book of Art
    723 49 25

    Where all of my art is going now that I have a drawing tablet. That's... all there is... But yea. Also its usually all fan art so that counts as a disclaimer no? ALSO TAKING REQUESTS AND WHATNOT

  • Super Smash Brothers X Reader FanFictions/OneShots (Requests are closed)
    67.2K 1.2K 40

    (Y/N) or (name) = name (h/c) = hair colour (e/c) = Eye colour (f/c) = favourive colour (f/f) = favourite flower (bf/n) = Best Friend's name

  • Kirby Art Book
    1.1K 94 4

    Some art submitted by the squad

  • Dorken's Book Of "Art"
    2.6K 281 66

    Aka the book of trashy art from a useless dork. Decent-ish art starts around the "Christmas Conker" chapter. Almost everything before that is crap. I draw cats, puffballs, backgrounds, and more! Enjoy! If you steal any of this art I will stab you 37 times in the chest and eat your hands C: jkjkjk love me pls

  • OC's
    116 11 2

    my OCs

  • Kirby RP
    393 9 4


  • Kirby Roleplay
    1.8K 14 13

    This is my first roleplay so enjoy!

  • Kirby Roleplay (OCs Welcome)
    32.9K 208 43

    Hey hey hey, hello hello hello! Welcome to my Kirby roleplay. You should stop by sometime. We got memes. ❕I am working on getting this updated and active again❕ Most of the info in this book hasn't been updated for over a year lmao- Everyone is welcome! You can use up to 3 OCs and 1 canon character. Please try to keep...

  • SSB Characters x reader
    5.9K 68 9

    (Discontinued till I feel like writing again) Are you in love with the SSB characters? Well of course you love them who doesn't! Well here's your chance to read about your love story with any Smash character! (Name) is the new DLC to Super Smash Bros so here's her/his love story with various characters! (BTW I DONT OW...

  • {Requests Open} Super Smash Bros (Various Characters X Reader) One-Shots
    151K 3.6K 78

    We all love Smash. One-Shots of our favorite characters. Requests are welcomed! I do Fem!Reader X Male Character and Male!Reader X Fem Character. I hope you guys like it!

  • A little game in the SSB4 World :3 (Reader Insert) [Requests Closed]
    9.9K 265 22

    It's all on the title x) (Requests Closed)

  • Ssb x Reader (First Book)
    82.7K 1.3K 78

    Okay for the very first time!! XD But for the first timers, please be sure you read other ssb x readers. There great! Update: I'll be refixing my CRINGY writings since I really don't call myself a writer / artist XD Update #2: This book will change into a one-shot & scenario book from here on out so that this book wil...

  • (Ssb X Reader) Oneshots
    5.1K 69 7

    Ayy lmao I'm starting another story and idk why. Accepting requests. I could maybe try lemon, but that's not confirmed. Anyway, enjoy!

  • Super Smash Bros. One Shots!
    1.9K 31 5

    Title explains all! Requests are open!

  • Meta Knight X Reader Oneshot Book
    4.7K 71 2

    You are a human from planet earth, he's a star warrior. Things like this can be... a spectacle. A lot of fluff here. Read for fun times with our puffball knight of Popstar. Beware of a long introduction. But other than that, have fun with the entire gang from dreamland. (This isn't a human Meta)

  • Loveshift: Slenderman X Reader
    31.6K 660 8

    You are just a normal girl living in a neighborhood that has had a lot of killings. No big deal, right? What happens when more then one creepypasta character falls in love with you?

  • Kirby X Reader Oneshots :D
    14.8K 157 7

    Just something for fun otherthan an ask thing On Hiatus -n-

  • King Book X Reader
    816 13 1

    Yeah, it's pretty much you x king boo. Hope you enjoy!

  • Super Smash Bros. (Various Characters) X Reader
    138K 2.5K 70

    Hello and what's up every one? This is AyakaLuigi5658. Since I have bought the game, Super Smash Bros for Wii U, I've been thinking that I would make this One-Shots. I would try my best and I hope you, my readers would enjoy! I am Japanese so maybe my english skill are kinda bad... But I do hope that you all enjoy th...

  • Bill Cipher x Reader (One Shots | Completed!)
    337K 8.6K 32

    A collection of Bill Cipher x Reader one-shots with your favorite dream demon Bill Cipher!~ NOT taking requests! These are completed my dudes~ Be warned! Expect a lot of fluff or lots of feels... [ Best Rank: Gravity Falls - #8 Bill Cipher - #12 ]

  • Transformer love
    4.7K 183 12

    This story will be about reader chan and its deep relationship with the steaming hot camaro named Bumblebee.If i hit enough votes and reads i will make a readerXoptimus prime so yea remember to vote and btw i made up this story so i deserve all rights.Do not copy without my permission.Thank you

  • Lord hater x reader (wander over yonder)
    24.2K 504 35

    So there no lord hater x reader stories >~< so I had to try and make one:3 Anyways this story going to be about lord hater falling in love with a human girl~

  • My Cuddly Bear (Aaron Goodwin x Reader)
    2.9K 77 4

    (insert name) gets a letter from (him/her) old Friend Zak Bagans telling them that he wants them to join him on a ghost hunt with two other friends. What happens when a certain equipment tech falls in love?