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  • The Slave that I am
    28K 801 36

    Vampires control the world now, they use humans as their maids, their blood whores, their pets, their whores, anything they want. My name is Zoe and i am classified as a pet.

  • Little fox's daddy is a Alpha Wolf
    249K 5.5K 13

    June was always treated like a slave. Treated poorly for her being half fox. Till she was saved by a rival pack. Will little June finally find some peace.

  • The Vampire's Pet (Published) Book 1 and 2
    6.8M 163K 50

    "Please don't pick me, I can't handle another master," Rose thought, pleading to herself as she looked down at the ground, her bottom lip started to quiver at the thought. "I think I'll take her." The world has been taken over by vampires. Humans have been enslaved and are now used as pets. Whether they are blood p...

  • My dearest Butler
    130K 8.1K 58

    This is the sequel to 'The vampire's maid' so if you haven't already, you can read it first but you don't have to :) ---------- My name is Amanda Black, I am 20 years old... for quite a while now. I sit on my cold throne and stare at the door, hoping he will just come back, but he won't. He is dead. People wou...

  • The vampire's maid
    1.7M 68K 100

    I bite my lip in order to prevent any noises from slipping out and pull one last time. The rope falls off of my wrists and I am finally free. I stand up and run. I run and run and run, hoping never to stop and to never look back. But I have to. I look back only for a little moment to check if someone is following me a...

  • A Slave for a Pureblood Vampire
    13.9M 290K 44

    [Warning!!! There is some sexual action in have been warned!!!] "Be good and I'll be gentle, be bad and you'll regret it every single time." He whispered. He's a pureblood Vampire and I am his slave. Purebloods are even more powerful than any regular vampire and because of it are feared and respected by...