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  • When All Q Breaks Loose
    409 0 50

    Hiro has finally recovered from breaking his ribs while trying to stop a mad bomber. Now that he's back in action, things don't stay quiet for long. In fact, something drastic has happened, bringing a rather unusual group from an alternate universe to theirs. But there's one problem. Hiro's universe doesn't like its n...

  • All Too Familiar
    3.8K 172 7

    Set before the events of the movie Big Hero 6 Hiro and Tadashi Hamada's parents have been killed in an accident and the brothers are sent to live with their Aunt Cass. Little toddler Hiro is fearful of his new home and uncomfortable around his aunt despite her geniune warmth and kindness, unable to shake off the never...

  • Control Alt Delete (A BH6 crossover)
    774 4 47

    WARNING: MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH. What was the command for a restart? Hiro knew he should know that one. What was it again? That's right. Control. Alt. Delete. All at the same time. Sometimes the sequence had to be repeated before a restart occurred. He mentally saw himself pushing those three keys over and over again...

  • When Stars Collide, a BH6 x Dr Who crossover
    1.5K 33 34

    When mysterious things begin to happen in the city of San Fransokyo, earthquakes, meteors, and strange men in blue boxes appear, it's up to the Big Hero team to figure out just what is going on, before it's too late. #bigherosix #bighero6 #hirohamada #drwho #gogotomago #fred #wasabi #honeylemon #rosetyler #baymax #cas...

  • BH6 - Sick Day
    243 7 1

    Even super heroes need to take a sick day sometimes. A Big Hero 6 one shot #hirohamada #baymax #casshamada #honeylemon #gogotomago #bighero6

  • Kuro Kishi, Shiro Pōn : Black Knight, White Pawn (Fruits Basket X Kuroshitsuji)
    2.1K 211 20

    Transported back in time. Two different worlds collide. A curse generations old, a contract to the death. Not all pawns belong on the same chessboard. A cross over between Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) and Fruits Basket Previously published on