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  • Starry Days & Sunlit Nights: Volume 1 - Reluctant Blaze
    40.7K 1.9K 55

    [Please support us on Patreon at ( or buy the eBooks from Blurb or Amazon Kindle to read the story in full!] In this world, there are two sides to everything: good and evil, love and hate, fear and courage, day and night. In Liberta City, a place of promise and freedom...

  • Rozmarie & Josiah
    545 30 46

    The best assassin in the realm just discovered his sister's murdered body. The same night- on the eve of the royal wedding-the princess makes her final attempt at escape. He's being hunted for deserting a life he never wanted, and she's tired of living in constant fear. With bounty hunters and sinister soldiers on the...

  • Blood And Fire
    8.9K 1.4K 80

    In a world where vampires seek to enslave humans and use them as cattle for the slaughter, one force stands in the way of their conquest. Planet Draconos used to be ruled by dragons eons before human or vampire existed. Now commanded by the sun deity, Pyronius, the mighty winged serpents have become linked to the huma...