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  • Runaway Princess
    4.6K 150 14

    You are a princess,but not just any princess you have a ability to transform into a wolf. One day you got an arrange marriage you are terrified and you runaway. You stumbled into a villige named Phoenix Drop. Will you be able to hide your secret or will your secret will be exposed?

  • Challenge Sixty
    9.8K 368 24

    A journal of my sixty day career-focus and motivational challenge.

  • Back from the Past
    5.8K 207 20

    When Susan Freisen accidentally set off her brothers time machine, her and her horse Blue are taken back to the 1800. There Susan must work her hardest to cover her identity, and keep her beloved horse away from danger. Susan and Blue meet many people on their adventure in another time. Some kind and helpful others cr...

  • The Lost Princesses(#Wattys2016)
    1.6K 212 12

    The world can be a cruel and unfair world. Especially when boys are much more valued over girls. A tyrant king and a loving queen have three girl triplets together - the worst shame brought upon the Spencer legacy for decades. Blind with sorrow from the queen's unexpected death during birth, and the shame of having th...

  • Her Fight For Freedom
    2.7K 170 32

    For 27 years the Wolves have all had an alliance together. All packs including the Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western, and every smaller pack in between. Miyla, a young wolf abused by her pack, runs away one night only to be met by the sudden dangers lurking in the woods.

  • The Zodiac Search
    13.3K 422 19

    Meet the zodiac signs! They all become a new species...but they didn't meet each other like a piece of cake; they searched for each other in a really strange way. They also meet an enemy who was always pestering them in the sky and so, a war is held. Will the zodiacs win? -Sumeia xxxx

  • The Cosmic Princess
    990K 65K 86

    Sequel to The Lethal Princess. Must read first book before this. Becoming princess of an entire nation: That was difficult, but manageable for Avril. Having to marry before she was ready: Once again another difficulty, but it was inevitable. Planet hopping to save the fate of her world: Definitely where Avril draws th...

  • The Lost Redeemer (Aeonica #1)
    2.6M 162K 68

    [ Highest Ranking: #1 Fantasy ] Aeons once ruled the world with a power called Ethermancy. They reigned for centuries until a human faction called the Templars overthrew them. Now, their empire lays in ruin, and the survivors hide in every corner of the world. Nahlia is a librarian's apprentice who's obsessed with Aeo...