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  • Destined (EXO FANFICTION)
    75.9K 2.9K 42

    Kay is just an ordinary girl.. or so what you thought. Now that EXO comes into the story, her life gets harder. What will she do with these 12 dorks who are just following her around? She's on a mission for Pete's sake! She needs to distract EXO before they find out about the real her. Romance, Humor, and Adventure...

  • Campus Queen
    34.7K 646 19

    Meet Emily Richards, normal girl, normal life until Ryder Philips came in and now her life is anything but normal. Emily was sure her life couldn't get any worse than this. Now meet Campus Queen, nobody knows who she is but she's every where and what's worse? She spreads gossip to the whole school! Campus Queen is...

  • Pray For Paris
    366 46 2

    A short story and poem regarding the events that happened on Friday the 13th on 2015 and other horrifying events.

  • Fangirl Corner
    534 66 22


  • International Heart~IM5 story~
    43 10 6

    Caylen and her friends, get away for five days at a wonderful hotel. They were going to have the perfect time together, just them three. But it all changes when they meet, five guys, who eventually change their lives forever.

  • Change.
    300 51 7

    I've always noticed the way his nose wrinkled when he smiled. How his eyes shimmered when someone spoke appropriately to him or when he found something that caught his interest in class. I noticed how he walked home from school, how people made fun of him. I noticed that he thought of me as shit, he would always inspe...

  • Wonder
    5.7K 141 12

    Have you ever wondered about anything? Daydreamed, fantasized? It might sound like such a boring little business, but if you never try to open up to all the possibilities....well, you'll be left behind. Because everything is connected. You are, too, though it's hard when you can't even stop to think. This world and ot...

  • Pandora's Phoenix
    69 3 5

    A thoughtful fantasy short story that touches a little on the insight of what the world could be--or is slowly turning into. Before you lose hope... Copyrighted original work.