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  • Dragon Tarot For Humans
    2.2K 421 42

    Once upon a time there was a girl named Cheri who lived with a dragon. She wanted to leave the world but she had to stay and save it ...

  • KK0: Dreaming as One (A Long-Distance Romance)
    1.6K 262 44

    *How do lovers meet? At a journey's end? But how do they cross those vast distances - between cultures, between countries, between cities, between people? And before all that, how do they navigate the treacherous journey from child to adult? And what about the baggage? {A story about love and travel. Set against the b...

  • KK2: That's What Friends Are For
    1.7K 289 38

    LAW AND ORDER: CI ... with witches. After Eddie Galati's Uncle Jack died in mysterious circumstances, Eddie became a cop. Now, almost twenty years later, Jack's murder is still unsolved - and Eddie's new girlfriend, Olga, is the target of a ghastly bully at work. Then Olga's grandfather dies suddenly, leaving some a...

  • Alphabet Soup
    1K 220 43

    They're the most remarkable words you've ever seen ...

  • KK1: Katie's Katering
    5.4K 732 51

    Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Nancy Drew, Miss Marple, Encyclopedia Brown, TV's Columbo and Jessica Fletcher - a girl's best friends, right? Born with her family's magical powers as well as a talent for baking (and a boundless interest in her fellows), Katie Vedet - a modern-day witch - does her part to mend a bro...

  • SSW1: Falls and Springs
    35.4K 945 31

    ** A Fairy Godmother Tale ** Just turned 45, just found out she has a fairy godmother ... and Edith needs her now more than ever!